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Okay, I think I may have exhausted my crochet mojo for the moment.  It all began with a wee flower from the book of joy.

That I played with and added to until it turned into a wee paper weight that did the rounds of the rock pools in Merimbula.

Which made me imagine a cushion of flowers.  Ooooh!  So rich and colour-filled and textured!  Simply must!  I began with yarn I had in the stash but soon felt compelled to add a few more from the lovely Wondoflex.

Which left the family room table submerged beneath a tide of colourful wool.  The first few days, it looked festive and exciting – everytime I walked past, I felt compelled to pick up the hook and crochet a few more petals.  Then it began to bug Julian a little – he didn’t say anything but I could see it in the way he pushed his books and drinks and ipad into them – that dear man is so very tolerant :-)  Then, finally, it bugged me and this morning, with the last of nine flowers crocheted, I pulled a canvas shopping tote from the car, shoved all the remaining balls in and hid the bag in the corner of the spare ‘oom.  It was such a relief.

Thank goodness the next step in the making of this marvellous cushion involves a wee bit of quilting and sewing.  Maybe even some prairie points.  We’ll see.  Could be too much.  This is a line I have trouble identifying.

{ excuse the blur – almost no light left & still using the outdoor zoom lens since the death of the nice indoor lens in JANUARY but I wanted to prove to you there were nine! }

What do you think?  Prairie points in matching colours for the cushion’s edging instead of piping?  Yes?  Too much?




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