a very merry michaelmas

Michaelmas is here … was here :-)  It was marvellous.  I enjoyed today’s preparations, conversations, reflections and feasting with my family so very, very much.

And it was one of my best mothering days ever.  Abigail and I were the most beautiful team – we started with our list and just meandered, perfectly in time with each other, through the day, relishing every activity.

There was a lot of perserverance, good humour, patience, a little bit of tongue-biting (Abigail vacuumed, I was appreciative), some really good talking and thinking and embracing of new ways of approaching things, a whole lot of gratitude, and a ton of love that has me sitting here at 1 am on a cold and blustery night, filled with warmth and a wonderful zest for the life that we put all our energy into creating each day.

:: each item crossed off by the girlie with melodramatic relief (and secret pleasure) ::

:: the steeping goose – in a medieval brine ::

:: following the story ::

:: the foamiest yeast ever, ready to lay waste to the mountains and valleys ::

:: awesome rise courtesy of sitting in a hot bath with her shower cap on ::

:: a rose scented blackberry and apple pie ::

:: the table’s first stretching – mighty easy and successful ::

:: nanny dougall’s embroidered cloth and great uncle frank’s china ::

:: fiery stars flung to earth by an archangel ::

:: she had the touch for tying the ends prettily ::

:: she’s sure I could think up a different bunting for every week ::

:: proving me right – teenage girls love polishing silver ::

:: Abby’s Michaelmas Candle (in her freshly polished bowl) ::

:: they came from a broken chandelier on the side of the road – true story! ::

:: all ready for feasting – including Julian’s decorative addition – frothy fennel heads ::

:: sure that some goose will come her way eventually  ::

:: teaching the cousins to play 500 – with darling cards illustrated with characters from medieval literature, thrifted yesterday at the Salvos

:: Hannah – getting the hang of it too well ::

:: the glee of a won trick ::

:: thank you ::

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  1. Hi Lily, I enjoyed reading about your preparations for this festival. It’s a feast to all my senses. Loved your stitcheries and all the wonderful touches you add to every special occasion so effortlessly :)

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