I’m sorry I’ve been so silent this December.  It’s this placement thingy – it’s been really hard.  The first two weeks – agonising back.  Now into the last of the second two weeks – streaming hay fever.  All four weeks – relentless insomnia.  I’m so buggered.  And so over it.  

Only four days to go … then I am anticipating a terrific summer of loveliness and lots and lots of creativity.  Until then …

higher up number 1 the fiddler blue goose girl rosy 10 looking down the wax one a cluster 14blew over insituOh my goodness, aren’t we hurtling towards Christmas!

I do declare that you folk in the Northern Hemisphere have it so much easier.  Down here, Christmas coincides with the end of the year – end of school, end of university, end of placements, winding up of work – and the start of the long summer holidays.  So there’s always so much else to finish before we can truly prepare for and enjoy the beauty of Christmas.

Perhaps I’m just feeling it more this year.  But here we are, 16th December and there’s still a week’s worth of nursing placement and assessments to finish before I can truly hang up my busy year and revel in the Christmassy-ness of it all.

On the creative side, there are so many gifts started – and none finished.  But one thing I have managed to stay atop of is our Advent Tree.  This year, we are using the funny little tree I collected from hard rubbish on a grey rainy day a few months back.  At the time I christened it the Oehlenschlager tree – I  declared it was to be covered in cross stitched Danish Christmas decorations as per the lovely book a sweet friend from Instagram gave me in return for Mr. Pollack’s vintage glass juicer.

However, I need another couple of years stitching before the tree can be suitably decked out in these wee stitchings alone.  So – the Advent Tree.  And given we simply cannot find the Tomtems we have used for many a year, I picked up the crochet hook and got stitching.  I give you Advent Roses.  Each with its own wee numbered tag.

Each morning, long before Abby arises and according to a long held Bootville tradition, I hang the day’s Advent Rose somewhere in the house and it’s Abby’s job to find it and hang it on the Advent Tree.  I must confess, she doesn’t do this with the same gleeful anticipation she possessed ten years ago – ahhhhh the teenage years.  But we all enjoy the sweetness of it nevertheless :-)

I’ve even managed to keep up with the stitching of the Advent Roses – there were the perfect project to pack for morning tea and lunch when I was nursing in the Oncology Ward – and extras made lovely gifts to sweet patients.  However, a small hitch has only just emerged.  I still have 7 to make … and I cannot find the wee basket that is stuffed with the pretty Brown Sheep rosy yarn for the centre, some left over cream, red and mustard Beaverslide from Abby’s Blaithin, a ball of green Paton’s leftover from Abby’s Owl Sweater, and a ball of buttery Rowan leftover from my fairisle tunic (that I don’t think I have ever shared!).  That’s right – the whole basket has vanished.  I’ve just spent the last half hour first walking briskly through the house confidently looking here and there, then slowly – slightly worried – poking into each corner, and finall,y grumpily crawling around under furniture and behind doors … I even checked the car.  I cannot find it.

It must be here somewhere.  It’s almost certainly in the living room.  But as Julian has observed many a time before – crafty things are sneakily camouflaged here in Bootville.  And I have a terrible track record of tucking things into forgotten corners.

A-ha!  Found it!  Behind the sofa cushion – no wonder I couldn’t shove the cushion back into place each time I sat on the sofa over the weekend.  Never mind.  Now the kitchen is glowing, the washing hung out, the chooks in bed, a glass of milk is on the bedside table and I am ready to hop into bed and stitch a bouquet of Advent Roses.

Yes, little by little, this Christmas is coming together.

a wee christmas tree

6 thoughts on “a wee christmas tree

  • December 17, 2013 at 10:55 am

    I entirely agree with you about the chaos of the end of the year. I have work I keep putting off looming over me, and have not even bought fruit for the plum pudding yet. So very being!

    • December 17, 2013 at 10:55 am

      Behind! Not being. Though maybe I should try ‘being’ more.

  • December 18, 2013 at 8:03 am

    You are a hoot Lily. I’ve been thinking of you and your work. Must rush,haven’t got time to chat this morning. Busy, busy. Will talk later,Blessings Gail

  • December 19, 2013 at 9:03 am

    Such a lovely tree…the cross-stitches are very sweet! And I agree, such a crazy time of the year and we’re trying to get to Sydney to be with my Mum and siblings….so much to do before then! Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for your blog!

  • December 24, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    To Lily, Julian and Abby,

    Wishing you a very blessed Christmas and may 2014 be filled with peace, joy and good health.

    With Love and Blessings


  • January 6, 2014 at 12:01 am

    Around December first, we trim our tree, placing it in a front window to light the evening and bear witness to our waiting. We read The Legend of the Christmas Tree. We also begin our Jesse Tree devotions. We’ve much enjoyed Ann Voskamp’s meditations for several years now. Ann has a new book this year and I’m hoping to share that study with a friend. Today’s only the 3rd–not too late to start, right? We also place several manger scenes around the house. A favorite book to celebrate the appearance of the crèche in every nook and cranny here and there is The Christmas Miracle of Jonathon Toomey . There is a little bit of a war in our house about whether baby Jesus should be in the manger or whether he should be hidden until Christmas Eve. Some of the children think that he should be hidden since we’re waiting. But the wee ones want to re-enact the nativity again and again, so they need the Baby. My compromise is to ensure that the scenes which are safe for playing hands have Jesus to hold all through Advent.

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