I had triangles laying about.  You do to, don’t you.  It’s one of those patchworky things.  We buy lovely long lengths of fabric.  Chop them up into wee little pieces.  Sew these little pieces together at all manner of odd angles.  End up with more wee little pieces.  Before you know it, there are triangles lying around.

So I sewed them up.  There’s a whirlygig in the centre.  See it?  And then the triangles move away into each corner.  Just simple.  And the cream fabric is so sweet.  A recently found retro print – reminds me of all the picture books and birthday cards I had as a small child.  Look at these dear little smiley faces … a writer, an astronaut, a vet, a sewist …

Let’s pretend we didn’t notice the blatant stereotyping and declare them all girls ;-)  How could we not, with those rosy cheeks and cherry bow lips.  I do love the colours.  My favourites.

I began adding borders – but I think I was getting carried away.  Off with the brown and dark blue!  With just the pink and orange, it was the perfect size for a dolly quilt …

… and I knew just the dolly.  She was sitting in the hall, atop the Lotte dresser, still very immodestly attired in her underclothes (good thing it’s been so hot!).  But I think she was getting peeved with her position in life.  So, I popped her into this gorgeous little dolly pram I found in hard rubbish, snuggled her in with an orange towel just right for reclining and a piece of folded linen to sit on.  And a quilt to keep her cosy.  Oh my, she looks such a picture!

And Fu just loves her!  As I pushed the pram around the back garden – to find just the right spot for a photo, NOT because I was PLAYING with her – Fu followed.  Each time we stopped, she’d give Frida a little sniff and plop down at her side.  Funny little dog!

A quick bit of handquilting and binding is all the quilt needs.  And I WILL make Frida her first outfit tomorrow – I’m definitely in the mood now.  We bonded so well over her new pram and quilt :-)

As for the pram – it needs a little work – I will scrub down the chrome with steel wool to remove the tiny bit of surface rust that is there.  Make a mattress and pillow for it.  There’s a few missing screws.  And the vinyl hood needs replacing – easy-peasy – I’ve seen the fabric at Spotty.  Yes, it shall be transformed into the loveliest little carriage for Frida.

Reminds me a bit of Clara’s wheelchair from “Heidi” – do you remember that?  The moment I thought of that, I remembered one of my all time favouritest booky scenes – when Heidi was climbing the mountain to stay with Grandpa and she had all her clothes on – remember!  Aunt Ditte made her put everything on she was taking, in layers.  And poor old Heidi was so clumsy and hot – she just ripped the things off as she bounded through the meadows, leaving a trail of clothes behind her.   This is the version I had with illustrations by Erika Weihs (an Jewish/Austrian artist who fled Vienna upon the outbreak of war, first moving to London, then New York) …

Goodness!  it was published in 1946 – I bet my Great Auntie Jean gave it to me – she only ever gifted us with beautiful second hand books that were precious to her.  And here’s Heidi all layered up, leaving with Aunt Ditte …

The pages of this book were really thick and porous and a special kind of smooth – that kind that is so full of acid, it disintegrates with time – and the shading in the illustrations was exquisite.  That’s what I remember the most – the soft, pretty colours that looked as if they had been smooshed into the paper with the artist’s fingers.  Oh how I loved it …

Look!  Here’s funny little Heidi – she’s arrived at Grandpa’s in her underwear!  Ahem – how did I get here from Frida in her carriage with a new quilt – oh that’s right!  Clara.  Oh and that’s what I was thinking!  A Heidi doll!!!!!!  With layers of clothing!  Such fun!  That is definitely on the “lovely-things-to-do-list” for the coming weekend.  Then Heidi and Frida can pop into the carriage together – head to toe – and both enjoy wee outings.

And when she’s not socialising with Frida, I can dress Heidi all up, one layer after the next – and then rip them all off again!  Good grief!  Wasn’t Aunt Ditte a dope.

And isn’t the quilt cute – and the pram.  Oh I do so love dollies.

a wee quilt for frida (and a wee vintage dolly pram!)
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8 thoughts on “a wee quilt for frida (and a wee vintage dolly pram!)

  • February 21, 2013 at 10:13 pm

    Hi Lily,
    What a lovely post. I’ve enjoyed reading Heidi many times. I never tire of that lovely book. Frida is a cutey and must be very pleased with her new quilt. What a find that little pram. You’ve obviously had a lovely day.
    Blessings Gail.
    p.s. my little neighbour Phung is smitten with hexies. We had such a nice morning yesterday. Her husband told the big fella this morning that she hasn’t stopped stitching since she got home. Don’t you get such a kick out of teaching someone a new skill. I must admit I’m quite chuffed.

  • February 22, 2013 at 12:00 am

    Lily, you are so imaginative with your cute dollies and creations! I adore your new doll Frida! How sweet of you to settle her in this adorable pram and even getting her new bedding and quilts! I am most thrilled about your plans for layers of frothy dresses for Frida! This little quilt with rosy kids is just as adorable!

    • February 22, 2013 at 7:31 am

      Thanks Pratima! The bedding bit is such fun and I know Abby and I will have a great time with Heidi’s clothes. I always find making dolls so cheerful – once they have a face, I find them such sweet company :-)

    • February 22, 2013 at 7:29 am

      She does a bit doesn’t she :-) She’s Mexican! I first saw Frida with her extraordinary eyebrows when I was in my late teens – I have really really fair and thin eyebrows – you can barely notice them – I’ve been jealous ever since! The Heidi cutlery sounds so sweet and I’ll have to check out the television series – we’ve never seen it here.

  • February 22, 2013 at 8:07 am

    The cutlery actually came in a tin container which has a picture of Heidi on the front. We’re using it as a pencil case. Well, most of the time. Sometimes the pencils get tipped out and it gets used for other treasures ;-)

    For me Heidi will always be brunette. And for my daughter Frankfurt will always mean the Frankfurt of the Heidi movie not the city we live sort of close to. I’ll never forget the excitement of my daughter when we told her we’ll be going to Frankfurt and her disappointment when she discovered there was no great big house in which Heidi lived with Clara and the little kitten and Miss Rottenmeier.

    • February 22, 2013 at 11:07 am

      Oh my god – they are so cute! I’ve just found them on ebay :-) Abby would like them – she uses her wee toddler cutlery for her lunch box because it fits in so well. The tin is sweet – the style of illustration is very like the Japanese Studio Ghibli style. I bet the Japanese love Heidi (bit like their love for Moomin) – they seem very into quaint European things.

      See, I’d never thought of Heidi as brunette because of the book I had – isn’t it funny how our opinions are so shaped by our childhood memories. That’s so lovely that you live near Frankfurt and oh! No big house with Heidi – Abby has had similar experiences to that. These little girls that spend so much time living in their rich imaginations – sometimes the real world is just a little disappointing, huh.

      Thank you so much for sharing your stories of Heidi – it makes mine all the richer when I can add other folk’s imaginings too :-)

  • February 23, 2013 at 9:30 pm

    I think it’s what I like best about reading blogs. It adds more dimension t my own life if I read about people doing similar things in a different way. Makes me see that there is no “one true way” ;-)

    I’m not sure, but Heidi might actually be by ghibli, but pre studio ghibli? Truly I’m not sure. But she does look a lot like Kiki from Kikis Delivery Service :-)

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