Yesterday morn, before being completely won over with excitement at my drop waisted dress, I was actually cutting out a new sun frock for Abby.  We found this darling apple fabric – 100% cotton lightweight drill – at Spotlight.

I’ve not previously been a huge fan of Spotlight – the quality of their fabric was never that great, the selection was limited and my suspicions regarding their business model were reinforced the day a manager in a Brisbane store told me (she was clearly having a bratty day) that “No we don’t sell the canvas for needlepoint nor will we ever be selling it. We don’t care that one is pretty useless without the other, we simply sell the DMC wools cheaply in order to put the small competition out of business and when that goal is achieved, we (spotlight) will reduce our stocklines to the basic cheap and easily moved items.”  I was floored to say the least.  And cross and depressed, given how many independent embroidery stores Brisbane had lost by that stage – the very reason I was in Spotlight.

However, this year has seen quite a revolution at Spotlight – our two closest stores – Carnegie and Moorabbin – have delightful staff and the dress fabrics have been plentiful and gorgeous.  There’s not a visit goes by that I don’t fall in love with at least 10 different fabrics.  Their Japanese lawn is exquisite and they’ve had the Denise Schmidt patchwork fabric – yum!  One of my Spotlight “friends” tells me they have a new buyer and that the staff are all freshly inspired and excited both by what he’s brought in and how much it has pleased the customers.

Anyways – back to the apples.  Yet more lovely fabric which Abby thought was charming and requested some.  So’s we didn’t end up with two metres of fabric that just lurked about the cupboards for months on end, I made her trawl through the pattern books and find a piece of clothing she’d like made up in the apples – this is her choice.  Quick, cute and versatile.  Perfect for the hot days we are currently sweltering through and it will look wonderful, come the cooler weather, with a turtleneck or collared blouse underneath and thick tights.  As you can see – Abby practically glows in the dark she’s so pale, so she donned a wee cardie to keep the sun off her shoulders – sensible child that she is.

And now – she and Jules are off to Momoku – a local Japanese cafe they visit each Saturday for lunch.  It’s their thing.  Me – I’m sitting down to a large bowl of chopped up watermelon, feta and olives (thanks Nigella!) and then … maybe some knitting, maybe some patchwork, maybe I’ll make a start on the lilac dress.

But first I think I might vacuum – then, no matter what comes after, I shall feel oh so virtuous.  Yes, that’s a good plan.


an apple dress for the girlchild
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4 thoughts on “an apple dress for the girlchild

  • January 6, 2013 at 8:03 am

    The dress is just beautiful and so clever of you to have a versatile design,ready for colder weather.
    This type of pattern was VERY popular in the early 70’s and came in handy as maternity wear, so easy to whip up when some pretty fabric was found. I had quite a few, from the fairly straight, to the cool and roomy.
    I have heard Bunnings are owned by woolworths, do you know if Spotlight(what an attitude!) is owned by one of the Big companies?

  • January 6, 2013 at 9:22 am

    Abby looks gorgeous! I love the dress!

  • January 6, 2013 at 10:20 am

    The dress looks just right for sweltering days. So much better than long synthetic maxidresses that dot the shops. I just saw you had “Festivals, Family and Food” in the side bar. We picked up a copy in a local jumble sale and adore it. I had no idea it had been reprinted.

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