It’s Wednesday – that means park day with the little girlies.  Today was extra special – it was little k’s birthday so we celebrated with a castle cake – including candles that just couldn’t be lit and icing sugar that wound up all over us the wind was so strong!

There were also outrageously coloured slushies, a branchy tug of war, tree climbing and then home for a bit of halloween fun.  It was marvellous.

We made paper pumpkins for Halloween.  I followed a link to a link to a link to a link from my news reader, and despite lots of googling, I cannot find the original post!  They are so simple – the girlies loved making them – and they look fabulous.  You should definitely try them.

We used two sheets of card (um, the size bigger than A3).  I cut them in half width ways, then the girlies took turns chopping them up with the guillotine – we aimed for a consistent width, but weren’t fussy if it didn’t happen.  This prompted lots of talk about the chopping off of fingers (their fascination, not mine!), how much more of an effective deterrent a guillotine would be than the naughty step (their idea, not mine!), and how terrible it would be if they DID chop off their fingers and I ended up in The Age as the “Guillotine Nanny”, sobbing in court, protesting that “All we wanted to do was make pumpkins!”  Rest assured, the guillotine does have an effective safety guard and the girls were very sensible and careful … and well supervised :-)

Whilst one chopped (and came up with all sorts of gruesome scenarios), the other punched holes in each end of the strips.  The wee girlies were so marvellously focused and conscientious – they were so sweet and enjoyed their allocated tasks so much.  I’d forgotten how much fun crafting with little ones is.

Then we threaded the strips onto half metre lengths of green ribbon.  I knotted the bottom after little i whipped all her strips OFF.  Once they were all on – 18 strips – we took the long end and threaded the other end of each the strips back onto the ribbon so that the ribbon formed a spine through the centre of the forming pumpkin.

We pulled it nice and taut so that the pumpkins are quite squat (this ensures the best “sit”)  and then tied the leftover ribbon into a bow with a nice tail – quite leafesque!  Then we spread the strips out to make the rounded pumpkin shape.  The girlies were utterly delighted – they kept doubting my assertions that these long straight strips would become a pumpkin.  But once they saw how it worked, they were coming up with all sorts of things they could use this technique for.  We decided we will definitely make smaller Christmas version to hang on the tree and the girlies are keen to make them into bunting to hang in their rooms.

Then the girlies drew pumpkiny facial features onto paper, coloured it in with black marker (we didn’t have any black paper – but that would sure work well!) and we glued them on.

Their bottoms are a little wobbly because of the knot – I think I shall get some of those brass pins that can be split open and flattened for the bottoms … if they are long enough? Hmm … have to check it out.  And little k’s left the back of hers open because she wants to sit a tea candle in a wee glass inside it so that it glows spookily.

Then I just have to show you.  I arrived home to an intensely frustrated Abby.  “Where is the cake!” she shrieked.  “What cake?” I asked.  “The cake you baked!”  she jumped up and down flapping her hands.  “I’ve looked all over the house for it – I can’t find it!  I can smell it!  But I can’t find it!  What did you do with it?”  Her shrieks were accompanied by a lot of teenage giggling, gesturing and silly melodrama.

I looked into the sink … and laughed and laughed and laughed.  I think this is the first time my only child wasn’t the beneficiary of her mama’s domestic efforts. It was good for her :-)

And my Wednesdays – they are the loveliest fun – I still can’t believe I get paid for it!



cake + pumpkins with the littlies

4 thoughts on “cake + pumpkins with the littlies

  • October 27, 2011 at 4:54 am

    the paper pumpkin idea is adorable! and poor Abby missing the cake…too funny.

  • October 27, 2011 at 9:53 am

    Great fun and I love the paper idea for Christmas baubles as well. Will have to try that one. Wouldn’t have minded a piece of the cake as well.

    Blessings Gail

  • October 28, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    that paper pumpkin is awesome! hope your weekend is as good as your wednesday!

  • October 29, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    Oh, Lily, you must be the most wonderful nanny ever! And you know, I can totally imagine how that will spill over into your midwifery beautifully. One of the most endearing things about my midwife during my second pregnancy was how admiring and indulgent she was with my first child :-)

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