We so look forward to Saturday & Sunday – long, wonderful days together.  The to-do list is sometimes crazy long …  sometimes there are surprising additions … somehow it all fits in.

9.15am  The Haircut

* could there possibly be someone else who has what I want? * that one! * the pre-snip jitters * she’s still cutting * that tickles! * gorgeousness! *

10.50am Little My’s Funeral

* after a week of green beans, spinach leaves, lots of cuddles and even a lovely warm, sunny day, Little My left us on Friday night * we wrapped her in a pretty teatowel * planted her under the camellia in the front garden * Abby & I gave the eulogy * Emma gave the toast * the girls said the Hail Mary * we asked Mary to keep our Little My happy and watch over the furry sisters whose days are so much quieter now that this busy, noisy, friendly little pig has gone * we will miss her *

11.30am An Introduction to Very Basic Woodwork

they’re off to another anime convention in October * Emma needs a scythe * fancy there being hay that needs cutting at the Melbourne Convention Centre * Jules cut it out of ply * it was taped up for painting * and there was a handle too * they had a ball! *

3.00pm An Amateur’s Attempt at Tiling the Table

* the boy change the pattern * he wanted random * it’s his room so I said he could * I’m very benevolent like that * he applied the glue/adhesive/concretey stuff * I laid the tiles * there were little thingys to put in between each tile to set the perfect space apart * they revealed I’m not very good at maths * there is a wooden edge round 3 sides not 4 * hmmmm … * but we LOVE the effect and now I want to tile the whole house *

6.10pm Embracing HER OWN Machine

* she now has her OWN machine * talk about empowering * apparently she was too scared to use any of mine in case she broke them * she bought her shirt and jacket from the oppies yesterday * she’s vlisifixed the shirt * now she’s reshaping the lapels on the jacket * first, she practiced straight lines on a teatowel * the aura of confidence around her doubled today * beautiful to watch *

Now, I have to head out into the freezing, dark rain.  I promised fresh pasta for tonight’s lasagne.  Hopefully the chickens will have laid another egg sometime during the day. Otherwise it’s packet spaghetti guys!


full up

3 thoughts on “full up

  • September 9, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    Abby, I love your new hair and your own machine – wow!

  • September 9, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    Sorry to read about Little My. I know she’ll be missed.
    Love the hair cut.
    Cute little sewing machine.
    I’m planning on doing a mosaic top on one of my verandah tables.
    You guys are such an inspiration.
    Blessings Gail

  • September 10, 2012 at 8:35 am

    So sorry little my is gone, hope she didn’t suffer.
    The new haircut looks great, it really suits her cute little face, tre chic…good for Summer.
    First machine, how exciting she will have so much fun,I got my first one (Brother) instead of an Easter egg from my Fiance,MANY moons ago.
    If you want one to last a lifetime try to get your hands on an old Bernina, mine is a 1968 model bought at garage sale 20 years ago, for $90… never misses a beat.
    The service guy has been doing Berninas for over 30 years and says he never got one he couldn’t fix, even the ones used in schools that had been dropped.Built to last.

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