School free day today!  Well, for the younger members of Bootville … this older one still had to dash into uni for a rural community nurse and adolescent pregnancy seminar.  But when I arrived home, just on lunchtime, the girlie was still in her nightie – warmed up with the mushroom beanie and sheepskin slippers.  Yes there’s sunny sunshine but my, that wind is still icy.

And here … the six kitchen chairs “won” on ebay, collected on Saturday and a colourful collection of stitchery – they looked so pretty on the glossy (chipped) black we decided to bring more out to make an impromptu flowery garden.

I crocheted this summery coloured owl for Abby – and thought this sweet owlette maybe needed some owl babies to perch with her on the spring table.  Abby says no.  She’s just a young owl herself and apparently a specialist bed snuggling owl.  Hmmm …

This boyishly sweet fellow is Bede … we added wings for a’fluttering.  I had initially thought they would stand out like ears – but that’s precisely what they looked like – daft ears.  Just when I was ready to pop them into the wool basket for future reincarnating, Abby pinned them into this position.  Yes!

Abby’s weekend creation … I think his name is Riyu … or Joon … I don’t think she’s quite decided.  A feltie version of an original character she’s mulling over a story for.  Did you see the tiny yellow bird she needlefelted onto his shirt?  She has a lovely attention for detail.

Oh … and my beautiful girl.  It was such a lovely blessing to come home on a weekday and there she was, all ready to play.  I adore being at home with my girlie.  We ate Italian pastries for lunch, finished Bede, cavorted in the garden and then snuggled up on the sofa and played Mario.  I’m hopeless.  She’s awesome.  I spend a lot of time in the bubble of reincarnation.  She drags me along behind her.  Now, we’re making crepes for dinner. With lemon and icing sugar.  And hot cocoa.  It’s good stuff.

And of course, our sweet little original “spring is almost here” owl … who’s already to fly away to reader number #8 – “sewn sweet home”-  in England who’s prepared her leafy lanes just for him and is going to name him Ozzy.  Send me your details “sewn sweet home” and I will prepare Ozzy for his migration!

Thank you dear folks for entering the giveaway .. it was so lovely to read the names you chose and to imagine my little owl so far away in your homes.

garden giggles and a giveaway winner!

3 thoughts on “garden giggles and a giveaway winner!

  • August 27, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    How lovely that little Ozzy is winging his way to England. I checked out his new home and he’ll be welcomed by Sara and her four children. I’m sure he’ll be adored.
    Just loved all the colours in this post. Such a pretty nightie.
    Blessings Gail

  • August 27, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    Thank you Lily, I’m so happy and excited to have won your gorgeous sweet owl, if the weather stays warm and dry I’ll be making ozzy a cosy nest in the cherry tree just outside my craft shed, and when the autumn and winter weather arrives here in England ozzy can live on my desk in the little white sewing shed and brighten those long dark winter days.

    Little brother Bede is so full of character, even his lovely big ears………Abby is so clever, her felted story doll is amazing, beautiful detailing.

    Hope you both enjoyed your crepes and hot cocoa.


    I will e-mail you my postal address, again many thanks.

    I will e-mail my postal address to you

  • August 30, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    Your Abby is just THE coolest. I love her style.
    How lucky you are to have each other.

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