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One of the lovely things about only visiting Wombat Hill for the last few months (as opposed to BEING there), is that once we arrive and unpack, there really are very few pressing chores for me to do.

Not much point gardening because we’re not there to take care of it.  Same for our animals – we can’t buy our chickens or goats or cows, until we are there to care for them.  Nor are we really sure where best to put them when we do get them, so whilst there has been lots of research on how to build their shelters, we’ve not got down to the nuts and bolts.

And of course, there’s no nursing shifts to be done.

Which leaves a whole lot of time for just pottering.  Something I do awfully well :-) Especially when there’s a beautiful verandah to sit, with my favourite people around me, and boxes of lovely supplies that magically managed to get squeezed into the car.

Just small and simple things.  Easy to make, quick to finish.  So very lovely.
dishcloth knitted

So on our last trip, new kitchen dishcloths were knitted …

pinned out

binding to be sewn down

blanket stitching the edge

edge scalloped

I not only covered a lovely big milo tin with some of Heather Ross’s fabulous new Tiger Lily fabric, but I crocheted a scalloped edge on it, and then served chickpeas for the next 2 night’s supper so I could cover those tins too! (Strangely enough there are no photos of them – I’m sure they’ll pop up in future posts)

birthday fabrics

quilting the copic wrap

Noah asked for something handmade for his birthday – and as he also requested more copic markers, I sewed up an epic quilted copic marker wrap.  It has space for 2 notebooks and 40 copic markers – that could be easily squeezed up to 80 if he puts 2 in each slot.  (Again, no finished photos – slack I know!)

new curtain for dresser

A new yellow curtain (made from a divine Lecien print of which I bought every last centimetre Darn Cheap had! And I bought its mates in red and green!) was whipped up for the kitchen dresser – now that the walls are painted a glorious egg yolk yellow, the dresser really needed something a little brighter than civil war blue.  Which means it needs new wee prairie point bunting for the shelves – sigh! fancy being obliged to make more prairie point bunting :-)

I do adore Lecien’s little floral prints – they remind me of the lovely dresses my Mum made for us in the 1970s – and are exactly the kind of fabric I always imagined Ma making Laura and Mary’s dresses from. Delicious!

I started a beautiful project with Misti Alpaca from the knitting baskets that were secretly stuffed into Tuppance’s corners – an Advent shawl – a new clue each morning.  Oh and I was so good whilst at Wombat Hill – every evening I was all excited about what would be published the next morning, and then I was up just after 5am, coffee pot and cup before me, out on the verandah in the “good morning sun”, cheerfully knitting up my next several rows.  Alas, since I’ve returned to Melbourne, there has been only the tiniest amount of knitting accomplished and I am weeks behind.  Hmph!

echidna cushion


I even stitched up one of Elizabeth Hartman’s wonderful Hazel Hedgehogs!  It became a cushion for the front verandah – only it’s not Hazel – it’s clearly her Australian cousin Evie Echidna.  They are everywhere in our neck of the woods – wombling across the grass and shyly sticking their noses into the dirt in the hope that if they can’t see us, we surely won’t see them!

Oh we do love them so – one day, on a utterly failed trip to buy donkey poo for the garden, Noah and I came across one toddling along the side of our little secret road (I’ll tell you about that another time) – we pulled over on the other side, hopped out and spent so long quietly watching her that Julian was quite sure we’d decided to ride the donkeys home!  Noah wants a tamish one that will come visit each day.  High hopes there methinks.

I clearly need to get back to Wombat Hill – there’s more gentle making a-calling – especially the kind that requires sitting on that verandah for long and lovely hours, a nice drink by my side and my favourite folks nearby.

gentle making

3 thoughts on “gentle making

  • December 20, 2015 at 9:55 am

    Dear Lily, I have long been a reader, but sadly I have never left a comment here. Shame on me! Just reading this post made my heart smile. I am so glad that you had this time and so happy that your family’s dreams are coming true. May the next few weeks run as smoothly for all of you as is possible and may your life in your new home fill each one of you with such joy and goodness..
    Be well, sending good thoughts your way. I am very much looking forward to seeing all of the beauty that surrounds you and all of the wonders that you three, as a loving family, create together and for one another.

  • December 20, 2015 at 1:37 pm

    Hi Lily, I’m so enjoying your posts over the past few days, it’s been a real chance to catch up on all your news. Congratulations to Noah on his 18th birthday. You will all be moving on to a new phase of your lives in so many ways, all those school years behind you, your dream move & new life just weeks a way. How exciting! I look forward to hearing about your new nursing job & also hearing about Noah’s career choices now school is finished. I’m thinking he will choose something creative, some sort of design course.
    I’m so gled you got the fluttery feeling looked at. I find not knowing what’s happening often makes thigs worse because there is also fear kicking in. Menopause yes isn’t that fun, lol. Total hysterectomy last year meant Estrogen patches were the best way to go. It was only after they kicked in, I realised that yes, I had been having a lot of menopausal symptoms. They knocked the hot flushes on the head & I no longer get the urge to kill stupid people, so I think they’re working well. :-)
    All the best with the move, it’s such a good chance to purge yourself of unwanted things.

  • December 21, 2015 at 8:51 am

    Aaaahhh bliss, nothing quite like sitting on the verandah with some handwork, surveying the beauty of nature with loved ones close and a cuppa nearby.
    I am sure you feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas, the anticipation is epic but you know what the gift is and you get to play with it for years and years and it will change and develop into something amazing and wonderful as time goes on and your interests and expertise grow…….bit like Lego , lol
    What a lovely time of joy and excitement for you all.

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