Thank you so much, dear folk, for all the lovely words you shared in yesterday’s comments.  I wish I could send every one of you some
May Gibbs goodness & a lily-pillowslip :-)

I am so inspired by your enthusiasm, I’ve added a few more details to the giveaway – your very own copy of Alison Lester’s Magic Beach
to read whilst snuggled up with your pillowslip, & I shall embroider your name – or anyone else’s name that takes your fancy – on the pillowslip & bag.

Remember – you have until Sunday to enter.
I shall draw a name at 8pm Australian Eastern Summer Time & announce it in this week’s
~ loveliness found ~ post.

Thursday mornings are sooooooo good.  No classes.  No predawn departures.  A morning when I can share a lingering pot of tea with Abby … make some pancakes for breakfast … have second coffees with Julian.  Completely spoilt.  I know that for the next 10 weeks I shall really treasure Thursday mornings.

After enjoying such a civilised breakfast this morning, I actually buckled down and finished the chores before picking up a needle or fabric.  That’s extraordinary willpower on my part.  Oh yes … there’s many an afternoon when, with half an hour to go before I need to collect the little girlies, I frantically – ineptly! – squeeze in as many chores as I can and end up racing out of the house cursing my earlier frippery.  But not today.

Thus, it wasn’t until morning tea had come and gone – without tea, because it’s too damn hot – that I sat down with Fraulein Heidi on my lap.  She’d been sitting – headless – on the craft table for more than a week.  It was becoming rather disconcerting.  So a crocheting we went.

That part didn’t take at all long.  The stuffing – a little longer.  Truly, I find stuffing more of an art than sewing, knitting or crocheting.  Dang it’s hard to get it right.  But what took FOREVER was creating Heidi’s face.  It’s such a marvellous thing that needlefelted features can be ripped right off with nary a sign that they had ever been there.  Always makes me think of that skit from Sesame Street – the one with the orange who rolls out of the fruit bowl, the kitchen bench becomes her stage, rubber bands, the dish mop, other bits and pieces become her facial features and then, under a spotlight, she sings opera.  Do you remember that one?  I loved it.

Anyways … back to Heidi’s face.  On went excessively rosy cheeks.  And off they came.  On went multicoloured (I was trying for hazel) eyes.  And off they came.  She had no less than 5 pairs of lips before I settled upon one that didn’t make her look like an alarming ventriloquist’s dummy.  At one point, her eyebrows sat rather smooshily on top of her eyes.  No good. And I tried a felted nose – which made her look like a Muppet.  Her cheeks came in.  Went out.  Moved down.  Back up.  It’s amazing how a few millimetres difference in cheek positioning can be the difference between looking like Abby from “My Family” (and no, that is most certainly not who we named Abby after!  I first met the name Abigail in the brilliant Ruth Park novel – an Australian classic! – “Playing Beattie Bow” – I was completely besotted) and something a little more girlchild like.

Without moments to spare (stolen moments that meant I could only wash half my hair) I quickly plonked a roll of soft, flimsy white linen onto the kitchen table – bought at a thrift store in Richmond for $5 – and worked out the right shape for a petticoat.  It shall have pinch pleats at the front, with wee eidelweiss embroidered around the neck and a fine crocheted lace at the hem.  A buttoned back – the kind that Laura and Mary would have to do up for each other.  These dolls of mine – their heads are so big, I doubt I shall ever make them anything big enough to pull over them without giving the dolls disturbing neurosurgery.  And then I shall make Frida a petticoat too!  And a paper pattern, so that I may do it as many times as I like!  And you could as well!

Of course, the petticoat is the start of Heidi’s layers – there’ll be a wee brown skirt, white puffy blouse and bodice next.  And I’m hanging out for the winter knits – I bought a wee Clover pompom maker the other day and I can’t wait to knit Heidi a beanie with a pompom on top.

‘Twas funny … after snipping up the linen, I had to dash … school pick up, afternoon tea, homework at the kitchen table, cool baths with long chapters of Little House in the Big Woods – in which everytime I mentioned the cold or frost or snow or howling wind, the little girlie flung herself back in the bath, imploring the heavens to grant her the same – little girlie dropped home, Music Festival with big girlie, take-away dinner with Rina … and then, finally, I plonked down on the sofa and there she was.

Fraulein Heidi – sitting in the armchair across from me.  Looking so sweet, I expected her to start talking any moment.  Made me smile.


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8 thoughts on “heidi

  • March 7, 2013 at 11:56 pm

    Abigails Zeitreise… Your “Playing Beattie Bow” lived under my pillow for ever. I loved that book. I bought a map of Sydney and tried to trace her steps.
    When I finally made it to Sydney one year with ma parents (my dad had a lecture in Sydney) I was so sad that my parents wouldn’t go exploring with me (no time no time!)
    I wanted a pea green dress for years. I actually had a pea green sweater that I wore to death….

    Years later I was a “writer” in a German MUD (multi user dungeon, a live online role-playing thing, entirely text based, you can walk through a world where everything is described in words, not pictures) I built a little chocolate shop with a marble slab and caramel shards (among other things) for sale.

    Maybe we’re related ;-)

  • March 7, 2013 at 11:58 pm

    I’ve never understood why chores should come before crafting, when crafting is so much more fun……..hence my messy house.

    Making petticoats for Heidi sounds like a lovely pastime…….love her rosy cheeks.

  • March 8, 2013 at 7:29 am

    Only time to wash half your hair? The burned off half? Or the unburned half? Just wondering…. :)

    • March 8, 2013 at 8:06 am

      ha! ha! ha! My fringe / bangs :-) Since having bangs cut, it’s opened a whole new world of make do – the rest of the hair is pulled up in a plait – I wash the fringe, point the car’s airconditioning on it whilst I’m driving – flipping it with my fingers as I go – and by the time I’ve arrived – it looks half decent :-0

      I think – I know! – it’s age has done this to me . I would NEVER have done such a dreadfully lazy thing when I was a vain young one :-)

  • March 8, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    Heidi is here! Your efforts were well worth the time. Her features are so sweet, just perfect. I hope she and Frida become fast friends!

  • March 8, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    She looks so cute sitting on that chair and she’s smiling too. You posts have been really lovely this week, i’ve enjoying popping by. Have a great weekend.

    Blessings Gail

    • March 9, 2013 at 8:42 am

      Yes! Yes! Isn’t she gorgeous – thanks so much for including the link :-)

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