her eyes were as round as pennies …

… as she plodded her way round 56 double pennies. Good thing she had new spectacles!

beautiful softness

And that she was madly in love with pennies :-)

charming perle

I’m also in love with the gorgeous, soft sheen of the perle cotton – and it comes in so many beautiful colours – such potential.

ready for giving

The pennies with pins are not yet sewn down – they are awaiting the baby’s name.

So, penny rug number 1 is ready for giving – but I must remember to take off my slippers and knee high socks next time I go to collect Little A from school – bit of an eccentric look!

remember the slippers
And by this afternoon, penny rug number 2 was cut out, laid out and I have frantically stitched all afternoon and well into the night.
number two laid out

We’re half way there – can’t remember what time the baby shower starts tomorrow – hopefully there’ll be time to finish it ;-)

late night pennies

And there’s a nice bit of the cream wool backing left over – divine fabric, so smooth and soft – which is imagining itself into a small shoulder bag as I stitch the pennies.

left over for bag

Is it a penny bag – ’cause these pennies are so sweet I couldn’t possibly make too many – or it is there a shy kokeshi girl peeping around coyly? Not sure yet.

9 thoughts on “her eyes were as round as pennies …

  1. Yum, Yum! I hope you made it! Eccentric? I think not. Once I heard of a lady in America who wore her underwear as her socks – to the amusement of the kids in her neighbourhood. Well, well. Once again: A lovely gift. Take care. u

  2. Adorable!! What treasures these will be!! I am also happy you are enjoying yourself with them! Hurry along and finish up. :-)

  3. Lily, what beautiful little treasures! You do have a thing for those penny rugs, good thing for your friend! The more you do them the more tempted I am. First I need to find me some wool. Have fun at the shower. Love Stacy

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