Ah he’s so young that Julian. Only 39 times round the sun.  Happy Birthday dear boy!

As we have such a rush in the morning – well, I don’t but Jules and Abby do – we decided to create a new family tradition.  Simple, everyday breakfast with a quick birthday kiss, a quick round of “Happy Birthday” and then the anticipation of a special birthday evening.  And it has been just lovely :-)


I was ridiculously hopeful that I could start and finish a new birthday quilted banner to hang for this evening – oh I have stitched my little fingers to the bone today.  But when I noticed it was 3.30 and I was still in my pyjamas, unshowered, the breakfast dishes not done, the beds unmade; it was time to let go.  It will keep.  There are more important things to do.




Abby and I set the birthday table, late this afternoon, with the special birthday cloth, bunting and candles.  Abby ironed a few of our prettiest pillowcases for the presents – regular size for the regular size and small gifts, bolster size for the bigger, awkward gifts – and made the card.  I picked some flowers from the garden – fuschias and bougainvillea for prettiness and holly (yep, we have a huge holly bush) for green.


Pre-dinner yummies were laid out, dinner was cooked and … finally … the dogs barked frantically, the back gate clunked and the birthday boy was home. It was really lovely!  I thought we would sit at the table for dinner – being a birthday and all – but Friday evening is our pasta and Pixar night.  Julian and I cook the pasta from the film “No Reservations” and we all curl up on the sofa and watch a Pixar film (Abby and Julian’s favourites).  So the next thing, the birthday table is stripped …


And re-set on the living room floor for the Birthday / Pixar / No Reservations Pasta picnic!



Now, we’ve had pasta and banana splits, Nemo has been found, and it’s time for bed.  I’ll have to finish that special birthday banner tomorrow … and wait, Abby’s making bracelets with the hundreds of buttons I’ve left lying on the sofa.  Better that than Toph eating them.  And Julian’s building birthday lego – some little boys *never* grow up.


The loveliness of being at home with your family.  Good night :-)

it’s a birthday

3 thoughts on “it’s a birthday

  • February 19, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    Sounds warm and cozy – happy family times!

  • February 19, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    Happy Birthday to your DH! It’s my mom’s birthday today too–but she’s had her 39th a few times already. Birthdays spent with family are best. Glad you all enjoyed it together.

  • February 20, 2010 at 11:54 am

    Late Happy Birthday to Julian! Have a nice weekend!

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