it’s okay if you sit on my quilt …


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Do you remember this book?  I think it was published in the early 90s – it was my first quilting book and one I still pull out when I’m pondering how to put my fabric together.  Yup … it’s okay to sit on my quilts, and walk on them, lie on them, roll around on them, run across them, eat on them, draw on them, pile them up, spread them out, drag them outside, snuggle under them on the sofa, stuff them into the car, camp on them with your friends at athletic’s carnivals, huddle under them on cold and windy beaches … whatever takes your fancy.

My quilts are made with a sturdy love which expects that they will be cheerfully used up, every centimetre.  And if they fade, so be it.  If they get holes, we’ll patch them.  If the dog chucks up on one, it will wash.  If you get paint on them, it will add character.

My quilts are living, breathing, laughing, comforting, jolly quilts.  They won’t win any prizes for accuracy or technical brilliance, but they will be put to good use.  And that’s how I love it.


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