We have a special guest coming on Wednesday – an exchange student from Japan!  Abby is SOOOOOOOO excited.  The spare ‘oom is almost ready – just need to make up the bed and give the dressing table a dust.  As for the rest of Bootville – the front porch needs a little tidy and perhaps an extra scrub of the shower is in order.  Ummm … I think that’s about it.

However there are always fresh little bits that can be added too!  Don’t you think?  A little bit of sweetness and colour here and there when someone special is coming to stay.  There were two tins in the bathroom that certainly needed something.  I do love me a repurposed tin.  Once that food is out, the possibilities always seem so enticing … and so we have tins all around the house – holding cutlery, hair ties, knitting needles, rubbers, pencils, candles, reels of perle thread, bits of lego, random playmobile folk …  More than half are prettily attired but some sit there on the shelves looking like this …

… useful yes.  But more than a little bit ugly :-)  So, in honour of our Japanese exchange student’s visit, I’ve dressed up these bathroom tins.  That and Julian said he would throw them out if they continued to look so blah. Fine!  I’ll dress them!

So after classes yesterday, I searched out some fabric from the stash.  Crocheted up a wee border from a mangled ball of jute twine that was in the bottom of the bottom kitchen drawer and little bit of Lamb’s Pride Orange.  And set to covering.

Ha!  Much prettier.  And whilst crocheting the jute twine was a bit tedious in the initial stages – twist, twist, twist! – I really love the finished effect.  Looks very Marie Claire Idees … or maybe it’s just my 70s childhood showing.

The red riding hood fabric was almost allowed to speak for itself – almost.  This is lily boot sewing – I’m rather incapable of keeping things simple :-)

Yes, much, much, much better.  And they coordinate so cheerfully with the bathroom’s quilted lampshade and appliqued curtain.

Now I’m sure the exchange student will be quite oblivious to these repurposed tins.  I, however, am a firm believer in the notion that it’s the little bits that make our home.  And if those little bits are covered in lovely fabrics and stitches – even better.

it’s the little bits

2 thoughts on “it’s the little bits

  • March 5, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    Hope you all have fun with your student, how long will she be staying ?
    You may have time to make a quilt together for her to take home as a keepsake, what fun to make something lovely with her, to remind her of her time here with you.

    • March 5, 2013 at 10:16 pm

      That is a brilliant idea Margaret! She’s staying ten days – plenty of time – bit of a bummer about the broken quilting machine though – hmmmmm! Tomorrow I have a couple of things to whip up for her – a pillowcase and matching laundry bag. But a quilt would be really special. I’ll have to see how much room she has in her suitcase!

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