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There’s been some kitchen rearranging recently – Grandad’s door (he carted it around with him for years – it’s quite narrow, a lovely syruppy colour and very useful – since bequeathing it to me, it has been a sewing table and an Abby desk) has found itself a new life as a kitchen benchtop.  It lays atop the two little Ikea kitchen trolleys we have, adding a heap of much needed workspace.  And, underneath, I nattily straddled a Gorm shelf (also Ikea) between the two kitchen trolleys – fitting it just right so that the Gorm edges slotted into the trolley slats – and that’s where our mixer now lives.

All this usefulness inspired Jules to tackle our atrocious pantry on Saturday afternoon – everything was emptied, sorted, condensed, labelled and replaced with a precision that has never before been seen in Bootville!  Abby and I formed the “pantry-organisation-cheersquad” and camped out on the sofa in the kitchen nook with sewing supplies, a label maker and plenty of unsolicited advice.  It was the best kind of family togetherness.  Lots of giggling, lots of silliness, lots of love.

Next weekend – we’re (or I should say, Jules) is converting the clutter of the adjacent laundry into a walk in pantry … ooooh!

:: hard at it ::

:: the wools for a needlepointed red mare ::

:: mult-tasking … stitching, whilst providing advice on what kind of sugar THAT unnamed container holds::

:: oh my, do I love our ipad for reading patterns … need it bigger? no problem! ::

:: chief label maker ::

:: and felt doll maker (my only contribution is to sew the heads to the bodies) ::

:: yes mum, that’s our pantry ::




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