This was to be a post about one of the quilt tops I’ve stitched this week.  Alas, the last two days have been so terribly hot, that stitching on both quilts slowed down to a crawl … pressing seams became truly horrible … and neither are quite finished!  Ah well.

red cross quilt blowing for ironing rotary cutter sna scraps a corner

Thankfully, by 4pm, a cool change came through.  We threw open the windows – (Our poor little double brick house, being well insulated it does well at staying cool for ages but then, after several days of heat wave temperatures, those double bricks just hold that heat and radiate warmth – shame we can’t get the bricks to store it up and then dole it out over winter) – declared it too hot for cooking, visited a local Japanese cafe for supper, and then, with the sun finally slipping down behind the neighbours roof, the back garden became deliciously cool and I headed outdoors.  With a big glass of creamy cold milk and my favourite project basket – little cross stitches.

basket of yarn the collection cart and sheep ready for little hands

I am working on adaptations of some of my cross stitch patterns – breaking them apart and making little cross stitched figures for small hands to hold and play stories with.  This one is the Wee Shepherd.  I’ve added a few accessories – a small cart with the sheeps’ hay, there’s a bucket of water in progress, a red lean-to for the sheep to shelter in, and plans for a mama, her spinning wheel, and the guard alpaca.

They’re stitched on a lovely, slightly coarse brown aida, with the halo of the Appleton’s crewel wool providing a sweet nubbliness to the texture.  I want them to stand up – so they can be moved into position like little puppets – so I added a gusset as well as a backing, stuffed them with pure wool roving and added rice to the bottom for a bit of standing oomph.  Works well!


This caravan – my dream caravan! – is part of a new set – a family camping at the beach – with surboard, fishing gear, kangaroo, wallaby, wombat, and the family of course.  Whilst I’m stitching, all sorts of stories tumble about my head … and then I become truly carried away and think up new scenes and characters.  I just can’t stitch fast enough to keep up with it all!  Ah well … like the unfinished quilt tops, there’ll be time eventually.

scissors leaves above heat damaged soft new ones stitching

I noticed this evening – with great pleasure – that our poor old oak – who so hated the hot weather last month that she shed half her leaves! – is recovering in style.  She’s put out a whole new batch of soft, tender green leaves.  So beautiful.  Looking up into her full branches, I simply cannot imagine that in a several short weeks, she will be losing them completely and will then stand bare til September.

little stitches in the cool of the eve

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  • February 8, 2014 at 12:23 am

    Oh, how I love your little cross stitched figures!
    Also, I am so looking forward to spring and summer up here in the northern hemisphere.

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