~ loveliness found 12/52 ~


 ~ very simple, very sweet and oh so very soothing ~

new friends made

 ~ new friendships were cherished,
endings that arrived so quickly were lamented
& promises were made ~

cafe au lait

~ an early morning prac was rewarded
with a steamy, creamy bowl of coffee in the sun ~


~ knit, knit, knit, knit, knit … & so with tiny stitches
the jumper surely grows ~

warm bread and butter 

a little bit of essay a little bit of politics

~ the torture of essay writing was relieved
with cups of tea, warm bread & butter,
& frequent checkups on the state of the nation ~

fiddling with fabric

~ just one hour was granted to the cutting of a pattern & fabric
… just one hour, I promise ~

a new pumpkin girl

~ a little girlie wanted her own pumpkin doll …
& so I earned my money needle felting with a small girl at my side …
it’s a hard life ~

saturday morning breakfast

~ ahhhh … saturday morning breakfast … long and slow
… with the essential ingredients ~

asking for a play

~ she gathered her toys, bringing them to my desk one at a time,
hopeful I’d notice … I did,
surely one walk won’t an essay make late ~

favourite books~ a pile of favourites … rescued from the shed … so many waiting to be re-read
once this current rush of assessment has passed … but where to start
… bilgewater? my utmost, utmost favourite of all ~







3 thoughts on “~ loveliness found 12/52 ~

  1. This post is exactly what I needed. Tonight I sat down to read and catch up on my blogs I love and this was the first one i clicked on… after a long frustrating and busy day this just reminded me on so much I am grateful for! Thank you!

  2. It looks like you have raided my bookshelf again. While I know nothing of Patrick O’Brien, Homestead, Bee Season, Trapido and Gutterson have me sighing. Did you know that the same person wrote Homestead as “Into the Wilderness”?

    Well done on unpacking the last of the kitchen boxes. I still have a garage that needs attending to one day.

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