baby alpaca

This weekend we welcomed a new babe to Wombat Hill Farm – our first wee cria!  That’s a baby Alpaca for those of you who have not yet met one :-)  I was at work when this miracle unfolded – such a bummer – but Julian and Noah were there to watch the birth in all its calm beauty and ease.  Goodness me, don’t these animal mamas just get on with the job.  I’m sure there will come the time when things don’t progress as smoothly as this, but for our first two large mammal births here, the mamas – Mabel the Ryeland-Merino cross (who we were given for free as we were told she was past it! Must have been pregnant when we first brought her home!) and Juno the Alpaca have coped beautifully and their little offspring have leapt to their wobbly feet within moments of birthing and frantically sought out their mums’ milky teats.  Breathtaking truly!

So to the left of Judy’s large rear (our recently acquired Jersey) that tiny little dark thing behind her mum is Juno’s cria.  I’m still not sure if it’s a boy or girl – but I think it might be a girl  If it’s a girl we will call her Aurelia (Julius Caesar’s mother known for her intelligence, independence and beauty) and if it’s a boy he shall be known as Marcus (after my favourite Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius) – keeping up the Roman theme for our Alpacas.  This naming stuff is such fun :-)

And below – let me introduce Judy.  She’s our Jersey – also came free when we recently bought three dear little Dexter cows.  She is approximately 14 years old and has been producing regular healthy calves.  Her previous owners loved her dearly but didn’t have the resources to keep her so were glad to find her a new home.  Julian is worried we will become known as the folks you can offload your unwanted animals to.  There are worse things we could be known for :-)

Judy’s very affectionate – loves a good rub and smooshes her face into us while we talk with her.  She’s also very fond of bread – and bringing her a couple of slices each morning is a sure fire way to stay in Judy’s heart!  It would be wonderful if we could get her in calf again – imagine all that creamy Jersey milk – we will have to wait and see :-)


But on to messy sewing!  You see, Julian’s away yet again, so yesterday, after all the animals were cared for, it was time to rip out the fabric and get stuck into some good finishing.  Within moments there was fabric everywhere as I dug around for the bits I would need to complete the radiating star quilt I started last year – the morning after Pakkun ate HunnyBunny (Noah’s rabbit).  THAT was a bleak day and we were all feeling a bit glum – and there’s nothing like playing with cheery scraps of fabric to distract one from the small disasters that befall us now and then, hey?

Now, after a little bedroom rearrange, I have the perfect spot for this pretty quilt – hanging on the wall above the gentleman’s wardrobe – hiding the bizarre hole – as round as the bottom of a large glass – in the wall we found when we removed the hideous frosted glass wardrobe the previous owner left behind.  Weird.


sewing in cake tin

And so many other things popped up along the way.  As they do when you are indulging in messy sewing.  I found all the cut out bits and pieces for Luna Lapin (a rabbit doll) and the beginnings of the Alpaca Quilt I am making – so they were stored neatly in a cake tin on the desk.  Also gathered up all the Peptamen tins I bring home from work – we use at least 1 a day and they are so sturdy with firm fitting lids – I can’t bear to throw them away – I’m sure I’ll find something to do with them.  At the moment I’m plotting a little Moomin village of round houses with appliqued and quilted “houses” wrapped round the tins? Hmmm …



scraps and apple core ruler

Then there was the apple core ruler I bought the other day – picturing a scrappy quilt of just apple cores – I could even not repeat a single fabric!

piles of churn dash

And the Bee quilt of wee Churn Dashes I started last year after finding this gorgeous bee fabric at one of my local fabric stores – Pins and Needles in Merimbula owned by Tara – such a lovely shop, you should definitely call in if you are ever passing through. piles of leftovrs


chain piecing

lovely fabrics



Of course, whilst hunting for a good blanket to quilt my Radiating Star onto, I found this incredibly bright American Jane quilt I made years and years ago – still sitting here thick with safety pins waiting for it’s moment.  Well Fu and Pakkun put it to good use.


And then I got sidetracked by the cut off corners of the Radiating Star blocks – as you do.  I’m thinking they will look lovely sewn up like this.  There are 32 of them – which makes 8 blocks.  I could then add a striking contrast fabric and sew them up into a 3 by 5 block quilt – 15 blocks altogether.  You get the picture?  Yeah!

one block to go
stained glass



So all this dithering and plotting and tidying and fiddling and stitching finally resulted in a finished quilt top.  Behold!  I bring you The Radiating Star!  And now I have fabric scattered from one end of the living room to the other.  Good thing Julian’s away.

messy sewing

7 thoughts on “messy sewing

  • March 7, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    Your quilts are cheery and colorful….. The Radiating Star would brighten any room.. wall hanging.. bedspread… in a folded stack.

  • March 7, 2017 at 8:43 pm

    Lovely quilt Lily. Must ask you,”do you ever sleep?” You really do achieve so much.
    Isn’t this rain just wonderful. I think I can hear the grass growing!!!! Also lovely to have some cooler days.
    I guess Noah will be starting his course soon. Looking forward to hearing how we is enjoying it.
    Blessings Gail.
    p.s. So pleased you are posting again. Really missed your writings.

  • March 7, 2017 at 11:44 pm

    The second photo of your radiating star looks like a beautiful stained-glass window. It’s gorgeous!

  • March 8, 2017 at 12:00 am

    Oh, this is just such a lovely post! Thank you for introducing your animals. We are so fond of our animals, too, and naming them is always such fun. And it is a pleasure to read about your sewing projects and look at the pictures of the pretty fabrics. My own sewing corner is a jumble and I haven’t done any real sewing for a long time. This makes me want to clean it up and get started again!!

  • March 8, 2017 at 12:40 am

    Your radiating star appears as if it is a jeweled stained glass window. Very lovely indeed!

  • March 25, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    It says the comments are closed on the blog where you returned and so i shall put this here because I only by chance have checked again… how many times I checked your blog only to see your planting of the letterbox!

    Oh lily, I’ve missed you so, I couldn’t bear it if you didn’t blog any more, thankyou for coming back. Your messy cosy hodgepodge life is a great inspirer and cheerleader of mine and you’re my unknowing mentor. I’m just starting out on my messy cosy hodgepodge journey really, I’m 27 and a baby 27 at that, but without your blog so much of my messy cosy life would be so much less – less moomins, less woollen blankets with patchwork quilt tops sewn on, less quilted milo tins, less needlework and lavender biscuits and Nigella and Hugh Fearnley Eatsitall and just LESS. I’ve been copying and stealing all the little bits of your life I love best for years and it makes my life so much better – you’re like my online big sister and I’ve been nicking your best ideas since Noah was in primary school and I wasn’t long out of school myself – I might still have been in high school actually. AAAAAAARGH IM JUST GLAD YOURE BACK. Big big love. Xxxx

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