Call me silly, but over these long summer holidays I walk into my kitchen and the busyness of the day is spread out across our table and it just looks so pretty and engaging that I get a little thrill about the loveliness of our days at home together.  There’s our afternoon cup of tea – with the cosied teapot putting out steaming cups half an hour after the first.  The River Cottage Preserves book – looking for a little guidance on how best to proceed with my 6 kilos of roasted tomatoes.  There’s the needlefelters from earlier in the morning, a lily-designed needlepoint I dug out of a bag and am quite delighted with – just need some more wool to continue, and the perle thread box.  And – Abby’s Christmas sneakers.

Yes, Mum will testify, I truly thought I could start and finish these on Christmas Eve. Yep, I did.   Did I meet this ridiculous goal?  No, I didn’t.  There’s a big surprise.  But today was the perfect day for a post-Christmas finish.  With that afternoon cup of tea at my side, I plonked down in our very aromatic kitchen, wielded the embroidery needle, and man! They turned out cute as!

I must confess, the paint didn’t adhere to the sneakers very well – no matter how many coats I applied, it just kept vanishing.  Julian wisely pointed out that they would have a ton of sizing on them – water proofing and all.  Ha! So the mushroom colours were not as vivid as I had expected, given previous success with tshirts.

However, once I added the embroidery – especially the wee strands of grass – I think the mushrooms really came to life.  As for the girlie’s response – I know I’m onto a winner when she says, as she ties the laces – “These are so cool!  Can we buy another pair of coloured sneakers and paint Meeku (Japanese vocaloid) on them!”

Why mushrooms? Seems teenage girls – especially those into cutesy-Scandi-Japanese stuff are really into mushrooms.  They also look sweet with the folk from Moominvalley. Which can be seen below … the birthday t-shirts.  More freezer paper stencilling and a wee bit of embroidery.

Firstly – Snufkin … Abby’s hoping to costplay as Snufkin later in the year.  That’s a costume that’s going to take a lot of mama’s time and ingenuity.  Until then, I rather love the tshirt and would like one for myself …

And Little My (yes, our dear old guinea pig was named after this chaotic & diminutive madwoman).    It was fun using two colours – nothing fancy, just had to keep a very steady hand – heightened my desire to learn how to screen print.  Oh what fun we could have with screen printing!

Little My and Snufkin both lent themselves to the silhouette style of freezer paper stencilling – their shapes are so distinctive.  I thought the Hattifatteners would turn out really well too – then, as I visualised the finished product – I realised I would be painting my teenage daughter a tshirt that would look like it was covered in c*nd*ms with funny hands.  Y-e-e-e-e-s. Not quite the dress code I encourage :-0  Haven’t yet tried Moomintroll – I think he would just turn out looking rather blobby.  Hmmmm … needs more thought.

So there you go.  The birthday tshirts and finished sneakers.  I’m so lucky and glad that my girlie still loves the handmade.

moomin stencils (with a little embroidery too!)
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3 thoughts on “moomin stencils (with a little embroidery too!)

  • January 3, 2013 at 4:11 am

    Why not do outlines? I did some prints of apples and all I did was draw the outline really really fat and then mark places where I would not cut… Hard to explain.
    Here’s a Hello Kitty shirt I made for my girl that uses the gaps, but it was a “stencil” I found online so the gaps were already there, I just had to cut the lines out
    See how there’s a gap at the one ear, at the “chin”, at the feet,… If you want you can make those gaps smaller but more of them and then carefully connect the lines with a paintbrush later. I’m not good with the paintbrush (hence the desire to use a stencil) so I pick strategic locations for the gaps ;-)

  • January 3, 2013 at 9:15 am

    You are the coolest mom ever. Period.

  • January 6, 2013 at 10:26 am

    Those shirts are fantastic! The stencils have come up really well. Those shoes however, you are onto a winner with them! They’re fantastic.

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