on my front porch

It’s a blue sky morning,
with a wind that’s blowing fair

It’s a jasmine scented morning,
there are spring buds in the air

It’s a gold sky morning,
with a sun that’s warm and bright

It’s a heart glad morning,
we are bathed in soft spring light

Abby Boot, 10 years

Oh, such a slow and sunny and lovely weekend morning.  Crocheting a summer wrap / crochet stitch sampler.  In bamboo yarn, guided by a vintage Mon Tricot book that I bought at the Bega Book Fair last summer.

I’m dreaming of summer morns sitting with Mum on her front porch, looking out at the glorious Pacific Ocean.  And summer evenings, tinged with Melbourne cool, feasting with my family and playing croquet in the garden.

Spring, I’m so glad you’re here.

7 thoughts on “on my front porch

  1. That looks like a very interesting crochet hook Lily. Can you give me a hint as to where you purchased it. Love the wrap. Haven’t tried bamboo yarn yet.
    Blessings Gail

    1. It’s an Addi hook Gail. Here’s their website with info http://www.addineedleshop.com/addi_crochet/color_crochet.htm but I bought mine from Wondoflex – my local yarn store in Malvern. The lady there who teaches crochet swears by and talked me into upgrading from my 6 pack of cheap and nasties from spotlight! They do mail order – their website is http://www.wondoflex.com.au – but I couldn’t find a category for the crochet hook – if you called them I’m sure they would help :-) And the bamboo is lovely – a really dense ply so it doesn’t split at all and it has such a lovely weight in my hand and sheen. Very pleasing :-)

  2. Just love your website. I feel disappointed when I can’t read a new post everyday. No pressure. Hope you have lots of followers

    1. So sweet! I wish I could too – I love blogging! I so often take photos throughout the day, composing the day’s post in my head and then, other things get in the way and I don’t make it to the computer. Bummer! But now that the days are longer and it’s getting warmer, I hope to have WAY more energy :-)

  3. I hope you have many lovely spring memories, Lily. Here in the Heartland of America, we are anxiously awaiting the cooler summer eves that take us into fall colors, fires, sitting on the deck shivering, and tucking in the house for cold winter nights of stitching.

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