We’ve been away!  And now we’re home again.  Four glorious days in the Bega Valley with Mum.  Lots of sea, salt, sand, whales, cheese, roly-poly green hills, dairy cows, old farm houses, bushwalking … and crochet and reading and cooking and eating.  All so lovely.

First morning, Mum and I made the essential run to Tilba for cheese – along the way we simply had to stop – the Bega oppies and newsagent were calling – and came home, not only with kilos of magnificent cheese, but a bag of thrifted wool (Paton’s Totem, 8 ply) and a new crochet book.  Mmmmm ….

This led to many moments spent here …

Doing this …

And it was absolutely blissful, until the morning sun became just too hot and the exquisite sapphire water just too irresistible and we had to head to the beach.  Where the water was frigid but the sand and rocks were perfect and the crochet very fine indeed.

Oh my, I tell you, with every visit, our feet itch more and more to move on up.  We will! One day, in the not too distant future.  Just not yet.  Until then, we will run away from our huge city to this lush green valley by the sea as often as we can.

postcards from the sea – we started on the porch

2 thoughts on “postcards from the sea – we started on the porch

  • November 7, 2012 at 7:59 am

    Wondered where you were…happy to see you have been having fun ! there is nothing like the beach to recharge your “batteries”, I am heading off for a looong weekend, so will be wetting my tootsies and breathing in the bliss very soon.

    • November 7, 2012 at 8:28 am

      Sounds good! I bet your tootsies will be warmer than ours! Enjoy :-)

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