sunny eggs

quiet days

:: finding the sun in different places

:: enjoying the sharp, crisp air on our cheeks when we step out for chocolate

:: starting the day with sweet, buttery and warming “podge”

:: topping up our cold-ridden bodies with home-squeezed vitamin c

:: following the hearts to wherever they might take me …

:: so sweet!

:: and when the night draws in, cold, wet and quiet, filling our bellies with chicken and lemon soup.

p.s.  if you’d like to come by for afternoon tea, I can now entertain you with a recital of the various glands of the endocrine system and their secreting hormones, and for an encore performance, the twelve cranial nerves …

Oh Once One Takes The Anatomy Finals, Very Good Vacations Are Heavenly!

9 thoughts on “quiet days

  1. your afternoon recitals sound like mine as my daughter studies for her biology finals. We’re having a late spring with lots of rain so chicken lemon soup sounds yummy.

  2. Mine is On Old Olympus’ Terrible Top A Finn And German Viewed Some Hops

    Good luck on your test!

  3. ::sigh:: I’ve just been catching up with you, Miss Lily. I do so enjoy visiting your corner of the world — it takes me away to such a lovely, lovely place! Thank you for the visit!

  4. ooooo chicken lemon soup. mmmmmm. recipe? i was sick recently too and some homemade chicken soup from a friend worked miracles. here’s hoping the same for you!

  5. i love your photos. especially the bowl you have in most of the pictures. my grandma had that same china pattern and i miss her and the wonderful food eaten from her plates and bowls. thank you for the sweet reminder.

  6. I enjoy reading your blog very much. It’s rather like sipping a perfect cup of coffee on a cold day. It’s odd to me sometimes, though, because I’m in North America, so I’m being blanketed in humidity, and photographing the first summer storm while you’re cosy-ing in for the cold months.

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