It is freaking hot.  Has been for days.  Dry intense hot.  Yuck.  (see, told you I could whinge, I’ve been practicing all week.)

And – so bizarrely – there’s no cool change!  Melbourne is FAMOUS for its cool changes. CarolAnn will tell you – you walk into the cinema and it’s 42 degrees – you walk out two hours later and it’s 19 degrees.  But this – it’s been getting hotter each day since last Wednesday! Even the weatherman was amazed – he looked at us through that tv screen – straight at us, I swear – and said, “And strangely enough, there’s no cool change coming our way.  That’s right – this heat is just going to keep going.” Oh my god!  That sounds like we are going to miss out on autumn!

The heat drains me.  By the time darkness falls, I just want to lay on the bed in front of the fan.   At least – practicing some gratitude here – my family and home are safe, unlike the poor folk on the northern edges of our city who are facing a night of huge grass fires and dreadful smoke.  That would be terrifying.

So what have I done since it’s been hot … why quilt of course!  Nothing like layers of wool and cloth to make one forget about the heat beating at the back door.  Another reason to be grateful – our house is double brick – very well insulated.  Just before the morning sun hits, we close all the curtains (double layered with insulated backings) and inside the house still hasn’t reached 30 – phew.  Then, long after the sun has gone down, we open everything back up and let the incredibly small amount of night time relief, cool us down a bit.  You know, just to give you the picture, last night the outside temperature did not drop below 28 degrees until 5.30am.  That’s right – 5.30am.  I told you it was hot.

I’m weather obsessed.  I shall stop.  Here – take a look at my kitchen table instead.

A long lost, really pretty quilt top has been laying atop of it since Saturday – discovered in a box on a mad dash to the sewing shed to find something to play with before I melted.  It’s a bit like having a big, complicated jigsaw on the table.  Every time we walk past, we stop and add a few stitches.  Well – Abby and I do.  We haven’t converted Julian yet.  We’ve also had Saturday night cocktails on it, shared breakfast on it, read the papers on it …  good thing I believe in all those quilty mantras about being made to use etc.

And today I completely succumbed.  You see, I have a real problem with watching television during the day – makes me feel atrociously lazy and slothful so I never do it. However, when one is sitting almost motionless and alone for several hours, performing a rather repetitive and simple action, the rambling in one’s head can get a little rowdy.  I need to channel my inner Marcus Aurelius – wipe that imagination and confine myself to the present!

So I’ve decided a good way to do this is to embrace the glowing screen – silence the critical/anxious self talk and lose myself in the joys of ABC’s iVIEW instead.  Today I watched Midsomer Murders (marvellous), The Paradise (fabulous), Great Ormond Street (really cranks up my nursing brain), Midwives (made me cry four times), and Saving Face (made me cry and spit my teeth out and rage about the kitchen – you really should check it out – Julian wants to know why I need to watch things like this – I don’t know, but I do – topic for another discussion I think).  Fab stuff.

Now – I’m almost done.  That’s good because I have a hole in my finger where the needle hits.  But when it stings a little, I think “hee! hee! hee!  that’s because I’ve almost finished quilting/tying a quilt that I started over four years ago. awesome!”

Hope you are cool and comfy where you are.  We hope to be soon.

quilting through the heat
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5 thoughts on “quilting through the heat

  • February 18, 2013 at 10:59 pm

    I am cool!

  • February 19, 2013 at 9:37 am

    My go to for a HOT day is to put on the dvd of “Day after Tomorrow” and take off to a very cold place, I tend to “get lost” in a movie pretty easily, if your mind is centred on all that COLD and you have a nice icey drink, it gives you a break for a few hours.
    I am sure there are other COLD movies….”Ice station Zebra” sounds good? maybe you know some others : )

    • February 19, 2013 at 9:43 am

      You can freeze (in relays, so you don’t run out) some heat bags or 1 litre bottles of water and put them in your lap or next to the side of your leg, as you sit…works a treat! happy quilting and movie watching.

  • February 19, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    Lily my heart goes out to you! I HATE the heat. I hate the heat so much that once it starts to get hot all I do is bitch and complain. In fact, I’m so lousy about the heat that my “resolve” for this year was to NOT complain about it….but let me tell you straight up I HATE THE HEAT!! It gets so hot here….how hot you ask?…I have a picture I took last summer at the temp readout in my truck and it says 115 degrees F. Freakin! Bloody! HEAT! Have I said how much I hate it? And that you have my total sympathies. I hope it cools down soon and you get to enjoy the coming on of autumn.

  • February 19, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    so funny to hear it’s hot where you are and cold here.I too have been quilting and watching netflix during the day–Something i never to but “Monarch of the Glen” had caught my fancy.

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