There was a sleepless night – we call it “hover sleep” here in Bootville, that kind of sleep where you’re not really asleep, not quite awake, but oh so aware that dawn is creeping closer and closer.  Followed by another early morning, grad year interview – intense occasions after which I can always think of much better ways I could have answered their questions.

The rest of the day needed to move slowly, gently .. with a good dose of uplifting.  And, as is so often the case, such balm was found in the warmth of my kitchen, a little green machine that hums like an old Hornby train set, and a table scattered with fabric.

brewing marmalade marmalade recipe

:: late winter always means pyramids of lovely, juicy oranges – the perfect time for some marmalade brewing.  I’m following a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recipe which calls for a good overnight soaking.  Slowly, slowly …

marmalade cupcakes

:: not so slowly enjoying yesterday’s Nigel Slater’s marmalade loaf baked into cupcakes – with sultanas because everything tastes extra yummy with sultanas

cabbage mushing the cabbage

:: my first pickling efforts – using Andrea Chesman’s “Pickled Pantry” – my cabbage has been soaking for a few hours after mashing the salt in with my fingers – it’s almost time to add the next ingredients …

new pot

:: a new cast iron pot – bigger than the last!  perfect for slowing cooking a lovely joint – pork, beef, turkey – as long as it’s hot and flavoursome I don’t mind.  But first – this new pot needs a nice slow curing.


:: this season’s first posy of jasmine – slowly, slowly spring is tiptoeing in


:: savouring a thick and frothy hot cocoa after school – and still, after all these years, spending our afternoon tea debating Snape’s virtue.  He is hands down my favourite Harry Potter character – alas, Abby will never see it my way :-)

untidy kitchen table

:: things are moving slowly on the kitchen table – it’s looked like this since Friday – but the work has been nonstop!

little pieces

:: there’s only one way all these little seams come together and that’s slowly …


… but oh so pleasing.

slowly … slowly

4 thoughts on “slowly … slowly

  • August 12, 2014 at 8:15 am

    Congratulations ! ! ! good to see the interview over and done, those floaty, worrying nights are just the pits aren’t they, your body and mind need reenergising on so many levels after something like that.
    I can almost smell that marmalade from here : ) the tv series of River Cottage is so enjoyable, I wouldn’t miss my weekly fun on Saturday evening.
    That lovely quilt came just in time, it is so good to be calm and busy and focused when you are concerned about an impending event, we are so lucky to have our creative projects in our lives, and there is allways the bonus of having something wonderful to use or give away at the end.

  • August 13, 2014 at 2:37 am

    Oh Lili:-) I just LUV YA GIRL!

  • August 14, 2014 at 2:19 pm

    I wish I could smell that Jasmine – a few more weeks here until I find dome flowering. Your house quilt reminds me of a lego house in all it’s coloured glory.

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