the beach blanket quilt

Our first beach day for the season was so windy …


[ this beach is usually as still as a pond – mum, who has been visiting it for 60 years, has never seen waves here! ]

It was terribly windy …


[ we thought it would be a good day for the kite ]

It was unbelievably windy …


[ we got it up once, but the wind was screeching in from the bay and every time the kite began to rise, it would then  just spiral helplessly in circles until it became obvious … ]

It was TOO windy to fly the kite …


[ mum loves a good tangle ]

But no fierce wind could dampen our enthusiasm for the newly finished beach blanket quilt!  Complete with carrying strap ..




It was, however, a bit tricky to get it onto the ground!


Quick Mum!  Sit on it!


15 thoughts on “the beach blanket quilt

  1. My Dad and i have always had the worst luck with kites! Seems every time I took one out as a kid we either lost it in high wind or got it stuck in a tree! Looks like a wonderful day at the beach and at least you still have your kite!!

  2. whenever I have a tangle I wish for my best friend’s mum because she can untangle anything. She has magic fingers. Or maybe it was the years spent at boarding school in the olden days. The picture of your mum reminded me of her!
    Your quilt looks wonderful – so bright and fresh. Love it!

  3. Every time I see something new you make my mouth falls open. Not only are you incredibly talented, but I also think it’s the fact that we have the exact same taste :)
    Still waiting for your etsy shop…

  4. Gorgeous beach quilt — may its next venture to the beach not be quite as blowy. See, your mum continues to prove SOOoooo useful! :-)

  5. We live near the Gulf of Mexico and normally we never see waves like that either, unless there’s a hurricane in the gulf. Too bad it was so windy – I imagine no swimming either. Oh well – at least you were outdoors!

  6. gorgeous picnic rug, love how you’ve put it together, I was thinking I would like to make soulemama’s one, but yours is better!
    where do you get your lovely fabrics from?

  7. Yet another beautiful quilt! The light green fabric seems to make the other colours glow – perfect combination of colours!
    (If the wind gets to be a problem, you could always stitch a pocket to each corner on the back, and insert rocks to keep it down.)

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