Well … this might just be the daftest thing I’ve ever brought home .. but gee, it’s so sweet I just couldn’t resist it.  Besides – it had been sitting forlornly on the side of the road for a few days – no one else was taking it, so without me, its next trip would have been to the tip.  So we (well, me at least) are now the pleased as punch owners of this very old, very sweet cane crib of course!  In really lovely condition – apart from the layer upon layer upon of paint.

It was a very funny hard rubbish moment.  There we were, the day before New Years Eve, driving back from the shops, when I spied it yet again.  Now, I’d made sure *I* was driving so that I could stop with impunity – first rule of hard rubbishing with family – NEVER let the husband drive because he will NEVER stop when you spy something marvellous, no matter how passionate your request!

I pulled over with glee.  Abby hopped out, flipped down the back seats and cleared the space – god, she’s good.  Then the two of us carried it over and slid it in.   There was only one problem.  This lovely big crib left no room for the car’s third occupant.  I suggested leaving Julian behind and coming back to get him after we’d dropped the crib home.  He was’t keen.  It was 32 degrees, middle of the day, no shade.  Abby said she’d stay behind – she had her drawing pad and pens.  Yes, I confess, for a split second I thought “Cool!  That will work!” and then I remembered I was her mother and she was my innocent child, so politely declined her generous offer.

It was at that moment Julian thought it only right toremind me that it was MY desire to cart the crib home, therefore, I should be the one who stayed behind.  I was baffled “How?” I quizzed, “When I’m the driver?”  Abby smacked her forehead.  Julian rolled his eyes.  Ahem.

So they tootled on home with the crib and I … well I decided that it was too hot to stand in the glaring sun, so sunnily said – “Never mind me!  I’ll walk – it will be good exercise!”  Truly I did :-)

I made it about a third of the way – making sure to choose the shady sides of the streets – dreaming of ducking into one of the little neighbourhood stores on the way for a bottle of cold water.  And then – not even knowing quite where I’d be,  Jules came back.  I’m smiling now as I type.  Oh the silly things I get up to.  Our whole home is a treasure trove of rolled eyes and funny tales :-)

Now, we Boots have no real purpose for even the loveliest of cribs at this time in our lives.  Nor any real room for it in our home.  But one day … when we have our lovely home in the country, I will have it all stripped back (boy, won’t that require a mammoth effort – I’ll save it up for a winter’s day when I’m so cold I’ll do anything to warm up!) and rubbed with beeswax.  It will sit in a softly lit, breeze scented, sweetly decorated bedroom waiting for lovely long visits from tiny folk.  Perhaps (hopefully!) Abby’s. There’ll be a firmly fitted mattress (ah, all those child safety precautions studied in paediatrics will be put to good use), a fitted quilted top (no ties!) a hand knitted sleeping sack just waiting to be snuggled into.  Mayhaps a friendly crocheted doll in the corner.

Until then, I’ve pulled the saggy mesh bottom out – held in place with a million nails hammered half way in and then bashed over – that was fun!  Given it a good clean.  And put it in the Tardis – I mean, sewing shed.  Ingeniously, I was able to put it where two tall stacks of clear plastic crates filled with fabric stood.  They are now neatly standing inside it.  No weight on the actual crib because it has no bottom.  Cool huh!

And if I’m desperate for fun (i.e. haul all the boxes out again) I can bring it out into the garden and drape it with quilts and fabric for photos.  Works very well as a prop :-) and aren’t these fabrics utterly gorgeous?!  I bought a metre of each – $5 a metre.  It would have been positively foolhardy NOT to buy them.

Oh it is sooooo pretty, isn’t it!  : sigh :

the crib
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3 thoughts on “the crib

  • February 27, 2013 at 9:16 am

    What an awesome find ! it is just beautiful,I am sure it will look stunning when you have finished with it. They make great storage spaces, as you can load up the inside with quilt tops awaiting finishing or spare bedding topped by Frida & friends and underneath has a good amount of space too.
    That fabric draped over the side is soooo pretty and what a bargain, well done.

  • March 1, 2013 at 6:28 am

    Okay, Lily. I have to admit that I thought you fixing-up a crib for babies that you don’t have and won’t have for many years (your daughter is still a wee thing herself!) was a little weird. However, it totally inspired me for a social psychology experiment that I have to do! It is going to be great! We have to do something that goes against society’s norms and then write a paper and present it to the class. So, I decided that I would carry a baby doll around with me (in the mall, grocery store, toy store, etc.) and pretend like it was my “real” baby. After what age does it become inappropriate to carry dolls around and pretend/believe that they are real? My husband is dubious (I need him to come with me so that we can get someone to take a “family” photo of us!)and my 4 college children are just too appalled/embarrassed to even give me more ideas for what to do! Anyway, your quilts are inspiring and beautiful and wonderful in every way…but it is your thriftiness/handiness with hard rubbage that is going to get me an “A” in this class!
    Hope you are having another “blog-worthy” day!

  • March 2, 2013 at 11:37 am

    Hi there Lily Boot! Remember me? Patti from “Quilting is My Passion”. You made me the most marvelous embroidered doll that I still treasure and display in an honored place in my sewing room.

    You used to read my blog. Then I switched from knitting to quilting and quit blogging. We’ll, I’m back to quilting – and blogging. I’ve subscribed to your blog using Google Reader so I can catch up with what you’ve been doing.

    I hope you’ll stop by and say “Hi” when you have time.

    Patti in Vancouver WA
    my blog is the same URL but now called “My Current Obsessions”.

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