the fourth little girl


I was informed last night – breathlessly and with much merriment – that another kokeshi doll was needed.  There was a fourth part to play in Abigail and friends’ animated production.  It was late, I was tired and I said, “Yes of course, I’ll make one in the morning.”


Clearly, I’m not doing well at the “Say, I will think about that and get back to you” lesson I was supposed to be practising this week.  But I’m also dreadful at not doing what I’ve said I will do.  My worst trait as a mother, wife, daughter, friend … but I am working on this.


So in the spirit of doing better, instead of playing with the crisp, natural coloured ramie I bought last week for an apron, I made the fourth kokeshi doll.  And I think, after a year or more of muddling along with these dolls, I really like this one. :-)


I much prefer this pale background to the dark colours I have previously used.  And I really like her purple hair.  I’ve altered the dress slightly – made it more of a side cross-over, ironed over a seam allowance on the raw edges (hated how they used to frazzle when I turned them out!) and added a cumberbund – and I’ve almost done away with shapeliness.  I didn’t like any of the earlier ones – so now, the motto is keep it simple. 


I’m especially pleased with her sweet face.  The only thing I think I still need to improve on is to use a heavier linen – can’t wait to choose and order from here – have a browse – it is beautiful!


And look, despite her not looking old enough to be the granny in the animation, Abigail loves her too – which is what all stitching mumas hope for.

p.s. we’ve had a little update at block-aday – thanks to Julian! – so if you’re reading this post as news, click on through to have a quick peek :-)

9 thoughts on “the fourth little girl

  1. I do know this feeling full well.. of making something for the hundredth time, but then actually loving it when it comes together. :-)

    beautiful doll.. I do love her face.

  2. I couldn’t find the update from Julian for Block-a-Day that you mentioned. I never heard of kokeshi dolls before. So sweet! You truly have a gift for embellishment to make each one unique.

  3. She is lovely and, dare I say, adorable. I hope your elegant girl will not be offended to be called adorable! I do love her lavender and her shape. Very pretty! And kudos to your web department! :-)

  4. She is lovely and much improved! I had to go back and look at the previous one, which seems to have been left at a scary stage…? Nevermind, this one is just perfect, and so is your blog – Well done, webmaster Julian!

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