One of the lovely things about tidying and organising our games and art supplies for our “new” games cupboard was the finding of things we’d “lost”.  Oh the hours of fun and laughter we’ve had with Trouble since putting everything in its place.

Another discovery that sent me up to the local art store for some fresh paper, was my bundle of soft pastels.  I cannot even remember the last time I had these out.  I am a complete amateur (my only study of them comes from admiring those that are found in the children’s picture books!) but I do so love the smooshiness that I can create with these.  Smudging them into the paper, into each other … my fingers.  They are my favourite medium – and oh so forgiving :-)

So this morning, after packing Abby off to school and clearing the kitchen table, I settled down with that fresh art block … oh there truly is a shiver of anticipation when I open a new blank book of paper – such possibilities! … and my pastels.  This morning, we had been reading Mary Oliver before school (I am tragically earnest and love reading poetry to Abby before she leaves for a hectic day – I live in hope that it will create beautiful and sturdy images in her mind – reminding her of the loveliness that surrounds her – it certainly works for me) and one of my favourite is her celebration of that life giving orb (I just had to use that word – always makes me think of that early on scene in Cold Comfort Farm when Flora is on the train, trying to write her masterpiece!) I have found myself constantly writing about of late … “The Sun”.

As someone who loves to meddle with words, my favourite part is Oliver’s questioning of whether any words can possibly capture the magic that is the sun …. so I composed a simple picture to accompany these hope-filling words.  A pastel of one of my favourite sunsets … looking towards the southern tips of the Great Dividing Range as it heads west from the beach at Merimbula, with one of the local dairy farms, nestled into the bush.

An hour or so passed – it was so good.  There’s something very nourishing about sitting quietly and making a picture.  I highly recommend it :-)  And now, it is pinned up on the window in the kitchen nook.  Next to a wee declaration of the trials of winter – a reminder perhaps that whilst we are indeed having our noses nipped by the cold and struggle to climb out of bed on these dark mornings, the year will surely continue to turn and the radiant sun outside this window will grow stronger and warmer.

the joy of finding the long lost

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  • August 4, 2012 at 8:35 am

    Hi Lily, Just popped in to say I was reading about your beautiful Singer (May last year) and just letting you know Bernina machine oil is far superior to Singer oil.My sewing machine service guy said the Singer oil hardens into thick goop, over time and is a real problem maker and has to be stripped out of everywhere.

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