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I know!  Another lace handkerchief crocheted whilst sitting on a summer’s beach.  I did just this last summer too.  It must because the dear little fabric store, down in the town, sells these lovely pure cotton handkerchiefs.  Right near them – a basket full of reduced DMC crochet yarn.  It was just too much to resist.

So – with my supplies packed, I headed down to Bar Beach early in the morning, bought my coffee, and set up in my favourite nook – amongst the red rocks, my feet in damp sand, the waves washing so close.

It is a glorious way to start the day … sigh!  I so wish I could begin every day like this.  Julian tells me I’m greedy – to just relish the moment.  I try :-)

The only distraction?  The seagulls – squawking and chasing and posturing.  I feel a felt seagull coming on.  Of course, the other distraction is a more primal call of nature.  After an hour, that wake up glass of water, cup of tea with Mum, and coffee by the sea is more than I can stand and I have to bungle everything back into the basket and tear back up the hill, practising those “now, pretend those muscles are a lift and imagine them rising up and up – floor 1, and 2, and 3, and 4″ exercises the physiotherapist at the prenatal classes taught us!

So the hanky was finished on the front porch – so sweet.  I made up the design as I went round – and am quite pleased with it.  But I wonder what it would be like if it were finer (I think I said this last year too!).  Like the ones my Nanny Dougall made.  With one of those crochet hooks where you can’t even see the hook without a magnifying glass.

Hark!  I hear more hankies calling!  ”Come and buy us! Come and buy us!” they are saying.  Oh really?  Alright.

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