Ha!  A finish – and an outing for the finished piece!  Always such a good feeling :-)

I started this cardie back in December with mum – she’s making one in the same colours but hers is icy blue with red, cream and brown details.  It’s from the Autumn 2012 edition of Interweave’s Crochet magazine – very, very pretty (ravelled here).

It came fishing with me – Julian fished whilst I crocheted in the soft golden sand of late afternoons by the Nullica river.

When the afternoon sea breeze grew too strong on the front porch, it moved with me into the sun filled courtyard.

And finally, it was finished as we shared our early morning coffee on the porch.  I have to confess, I wore it down to the village shops that Saturday morning sans buttons to fetch the milk and newspaper – and quickly dashed into the lovely wee craft store, found the perfect wooden buttons, came home, sewed them on – then went back WITH the buttons on!

Today was the perfect day for it’s first real wearing.  Cool and rainy.  Just right for buttoning it up – and it looks better buttoned up – it has quite a lot of waist shaping which is utterly obscured by leaving it hanging open.

The cotton yarn by Heirloom was lovely to work with – didn’t split at all whilst crocheting and it’s holding its shape nicely.  Quite economical and made in Australia too – always a bonus :-)  I shall certainly use it again.

And the top down, circular construction was lovely.  I ADORE not having ANY seams to stitch up.  As a first crocheted garment project it was just about right.  I couldn’t quite work out the sleeves – I had way more stitches in the armhole than the pattern said, so I just picked them all up – which looks fine and fits well – and then followed the pattern’s decreases to the elbow.  From there I winged it again –  adding my own decreases – one on the inner “edge” every second row –  after that. From memory (mum currently has the pattern so I’m unable to check), my wrists wound up with at least 15 stitches fewer than the pattern’s – with which I’m very pleased, otherwise the sleeves would have ended baggily – not a look I like.  Baggy sleeves so get in the way of a busy day – washing, writing, chickens, cooking etc.

The Saturn cardie has confirmed my love for yokes – knitted or crocheted – just such a sensible, easy, flattering and comfortable design.  Perhaps I was a Bohus knitter in a former life – I like the idea of that!

As we move into February – with the plane trees already hurling their curled brown leaves to the ground (how could they!  when it’s still summer and all!) – I dare say my Saturn cardie will become a favourite for the cool late summer mornings and evenings that are visiting us regularly. Plus, I’m very inspired to crochet some more – I may finally attempt something in this lovely book I bought only … five years ago!  Especially Ms. Posy’s beautiful Millie cardigan – yum!

Actually, there’s a funny story accompanies the purchase of this book – I can’t remember whether I wrote about it at the time?  Oh well, I’ll share it again – it was a while ago after all.  You see, I went into town in Brisbane one weekday after dropping Abby at school and parked in the King George Carpark – the only carpark in Brisbane I could tolerate, the rest left me in a state of dreadful anxiety.  I had money burning a hole in my purse and it needed spending on this beautiful crochet book I’d been eyeing off at Borders for weeks.  So in I went and BOUGHT it.  So pleased with myself.  Then after picking up a few other things, I went back to the carpark – where I discovered my ATM card wouldn’t work because the bank’s system had gone down.  And I had NO cash.  And Julian wasn’t at work (I don’t remember where he was).  So I had NO money to pay for the parking.  I had to take the crochet book BACK to Borders and get a refund just so I could pay for the bloody parking and get home.  Aaargh!

Oh the silly little melodramas we find ourselves in sometimes!  Now five years on and I still haven’t crocheted a single thing out of it.  It’s time, I do declare!

the saturn cardie
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2 thoughts on “the saturn cardie

  • February 2, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    It is gorgeous! I have tried crochet, but not ventured beyond granny squares, would love to make something like this!

  • February 3, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    I love your cardigan, it looks beautiful. I bought the Interweave magazine just for the cardigan. I can’t wait to make it.

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