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… to talk of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax; of cabbages and kings.

Yep, we are a couple of hours away from being on the road.  The car is packed to the brim.  Mum’s house is looking so empty and lonely.  Mum is feeling empty and lonely.  Abby is off camping with friends.  Julian and I are about to head south.

We’ve been so busy the last fortnight … a week in Melbourne unpacking the house.  A week in Brisbane celebrating Christmas with our family.  All so bittersweet.

Now, after a busy year of discussing our family’s future, planning for it, changing the plans umpteen times, dreading it, looking forward to it, it has arrived.  Oh my, I have shed almost more tears over the last three days than the off-shore cyclone has dumped rain on our sodden town.

Both Mum and I keep re-reading Carrie’s inspiring post on being the Queen of our homes.  The Queen simply would not fall to pieces and sob despondently :-)  No, she would be strong for her family, appreciate the love, privilege, security and comfort of living with Mum for the last 18 months; and look forward to continuing to share that from a distance during our working weeks, and in person during the wonderful holidays that will come often and soon.

But, we’re a bit wobbly at this.  Good thing I have a 5 day road trip to share with Julian … we will be meandering down the east coast of Australia, round the bottom and up to Melbourne.  And Mum has her sister Mary visiting from Vancouver, my sister Janie and her wee boys, Oscar and Sam arriving in a fortnight; and Aunty Mary and Aunty Anne coming in today for diversional therapy.

And then, there’s skype, virgin-to-virgin free mobile calls, emails and of course the blog, for us to share our days, offer our love and hold hands when we need to.  Thank goodness for technology.

So, I’m signing off again for another week.  Hopefully, by the end of the weekend, there will be a degree of normality in our lives (including a found camera battery charger), a settling in to our homes for both Mum and I, an establishing of new routines and pleasures.

For now, my heart is breaking … I already miss my beloved Mum.


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