too-whit! a spring is almost here giveaway

edited to add:  This wee owl baby definitely has air mail wings so please, folks from across the oceans, please do feel welcome to participate in the spring-is-almost-here giveaway! lily x

Monday … home from my child and family health seminar … determining what are accidental bruises vs. those exceptionally ugly non-accidental ones that we will see plenty of in the paediatric ward … needed something light and lovely after that. Sunshine and wool!  What could be more relaxing?

The hours slipped away … the crochet grew … the colours warmed me all up!

Added some dried beans for structural integrity (I learned this term when I was a young university student – we knew a structural engineering student – he questioned the structural integrity of everything – made me completely paranoid – “do you think the flat has enough structural integrity for the piano?” – drove Julian crazy – now Abby wonders too!)

Hmmm …. but what is it? A-ha!

It’s an owlbaby.  And since leaving the nest, she’s been seen in all the neighbourhood trees.  I think she’s searching for spring … and there are tempting snippets everywhere!

Blue sky!

About to burst-with-blossom trees …

Herbalicious re-growth …

Green, green, green!

And just in case we get too excited … a little more grey :-)

Abby even caught her by the tramstop – she was heading to the beach!

If you would like this wee owlbaby to fly your way, leave a comment – and a sweet name for her – and Abby will draw the winning family on Saturday!

She’s all hand crocheted in pure wool – a mix of the Aussie standbys Cleckheaton and Paton’s –  from a pattern in my head … stuffed with dried pinto beans and merino fleece, with eyes fashioned from antique Chinese wooden beads (from a huge strand I found at the opshop).  Not baby friendly … but infinitely cuddle friendly :-)

So leave a comment – remember to include a lovely name – and she could be yours!



21 thoughts on “too-whit! a spring is almost here giveaway

  1. Haha livIng in Christchurch, we know all about structural integrity, we dont enter a building without a current green sticker!! I think this little owl needs to fly across the ocean to my Annie, he looks like an Oscar!

  2. What a gorgeous giveaway! I’d name the owl Valentina. Sounds like a regal name or name of a goddess!

  3. We are international and the baby should probably stay in Australia, but my Lily thinks his name should be Barn-y. He is just lovely!

  4. Ozzy, short for Oswald, I can think of no better name for such a fun loving, cheeky looking sweet owl…….would love to give him a loving home here in the leafy lanes of England.

  5. Your little owl is wonderful. You are a very clever lady to crochet him without a pattern. I would name him “Wisdom” as owls are very wise. Kathy

  6. Such a cutie. I would name her Sisterella. Don’t know where I got that from, but that’s the name that comes when I see her. : ) My 3 yr. old would probably try something even more abstract. : )

  7. With the stirrings of spring here in Australia, I think the little owl would just love the name ‘Blossom’. Her pink tones match perfectly with all the flowering fruit trees here at present – just lovely.

  8. Why Owlivette Boot, for sure!! You are just the most creative person I’ve ever seen. I tell people ALL the time I can ‘copy’ almost anything BUT it’s the coming up with the idea that is the MOST SPECIAL!!

  9. Completely gorgeous owl – you are too clever, Lily. I would call her Pinkilicious. I have just been reading a book from the library to my 5 year old and it’s all about a girl called Pinkilicious, loves all things pink. Reckon she would love your owl!

  10. For such a very passionate owl He must be called “EDMUND”

    I am sure he will enjoy my little nook and watch over me with a passion.

    Love to all owl lovers.

  11. How about “Sparkles”, for our nocturnal friends whooooo come out at night? Love Hannah (on Kathy’s Email sight.)

  12. If he were to live with us he would be called Owly. Not very original but my wee girl is rather owl crazy, she LOVES owls and calls all of them owly. :)

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