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It all started here.  Wondering what I’d get if I didn’t add any increases to a granny circle.  A-ha!  A granny bowl.  A very wee granny bowl.  It sat so prettily upon the table.  It was a jewel like jelly fish washed up on the sand.  A very pretty jelly wobbling on a fine china [...]

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Thankfully, my people sleep in.  No matter what exciting things are planned for the day ahead – even CHRISTMAS DAY – my people sleep in.  This used to annoy me.  Then I realised just how very useful it is to have a good 2, if not 3 hours up my sleeve in the morning before [...]

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{ The Tomten Christmas Band, copyright 2011 A Pint of Cream } I’ve been squeezing Christmas cross stitch time in between all the other busyness that is our lives at the moment.  It began with the realisation, back in Bootville, that I couldn’t find our Christmas stockings and that, in fact, I hadn’t been able [...]

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That is, a give away for everyone! Abby’s been home with a cold for the last two days and we’ve been indulging in our favourite cosy pursuits – drawing, stitching, watching Agatha Christie films, Stardust & Princess Bride (they always go together) and reading. One of the books we rediscovered was Ursula Le Guin’s A [...]

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There’s a new cross stitch in the shop … On An Autumn Lake.  Thank you so much for your lovely words and support for my little shop and its cross stitches – you have truly made my week :-)  I am so very grateful. I have truly laboured over this cross stitch – it took [...]

the current bliss


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there are cotton cloths, scribbled with colourful cross stitch on almost every surface of our home. no matter how much care I think I’m taking, sweetpea keeps finding skeins of embroidery floss and bringing them to me … after she’s finished her version of embroidery.  This ususally involves one end of the skein being wrapped [...]

the keeper of bees


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she’s Abby’s favourite.  At the moment, without wanting to hurt any feelings, I think she might be mine too … available at Pint of Cream, via shoplocket, for download !

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Today, the fourth day of August 2011, I bring you … This is my new shop and the name all my patterns and goodies will be sold under.  Abby and Julian are responsible for my logo – I’m so thrilled with it! And here are the first two patterns … (if you click on the [...]