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Silly old Melbourne’s been playing tricks on us lately :-)  Delivering up late winter days of beautiful blue skies, heaps and heaps of sun, and warmth!  Only then, just when we’re shoving the jumpers into the backs of the wardrobes, it throws us cold, wet, grey days – several in a row – just to [...]

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Oh, the perils of playing.  I had such a to-do-list this morning.  Wash the clothes, vacuum the carpet, bake a cake, stew the apples, pin out the next quilt top, work on the fox …  I was even looking forward to it! But then, I caught sight of the little card chair from yesterday and [...]



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Such a merry Christmas round here with moments of … :: packing :: :: last minute stitching :: :: receiving :: :: giving :: :: tying :: :: steaming :: :: dancing :: :: cooking :: :: brining :: :: feasting : :: reading and re-reading old and new Christmas favourites :: :: relaxing  :: [...]

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Ah the best laid plans and all, huh!  I am in the throes of writing a tutorial on pinwheels and squares within squares.  It was to be all done and dusted by the end of the weekend and posted here for my mum, for any of you dear readers who are interested, and for me [...]



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Oh I love vintage blankets.  Look at that colour and texture … just sings of warmth and comfort and homeliness, doesn’t it.  In that warp and weft are held the stories of Australian farmers and shearers, of local woollen mills and their talented weavers, of a time when small country towns produced their own woollen [...]

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I know I shall be making home – with glee and pleasure –  for the rest of my life.  Every time I pass an unusual gate, pore over the photos in a thoughtfully edited magazine, notice the way a group of colours dance together, realise how the light illuminates a particular corner of my home, [...]

winter warmth


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:: A simple recipe for a warm winter’s eve :: light the lamps pull on your fleecy slippers and a cosy flannel skirt snuggle a soft knitted shawl round your shoulders share steaming cups of tea & whilst brewing tea, make hot water bottles add a wee glass of muscat – warms the throat so [...]

a felt pocket book


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I love baskets … especially old ones.  Each time I find one by the side of the road, or at the oppie, home it comes.  After a good scrubbing they are usually filled with one of my many “current” projects.  This means there seems to be a perpetual need for extra baskets in Bootville :-) [...]

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Done!  After a “bit brisk” start to the morning … bit brisk is how my Grandad describes cold weather – you know, frost on the grass, the temperature gauge has almost hit zero and he goes out to feed the chickens and ducks in his shorts, a short sleeved shirt, work boots and the vest my [...]

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: choosing : measuring : slicing : pinning : stitching : folding : delighting : : needle-felting : blanket-stitching : embroidering :  pleasing : : ruffling : appliqueing : not-overlocking : fuming : : cursing : threading : cursing : threading : cursing : crumbling : : zigzagging : ironing : delivering : giving : [...]

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… to the sewing shed … :: stitching & hanging :: With the last stitches made, it’s time to hang our sweet gingerbread from some pretty piping.  And then … onto the piano.  Oh I do so love the blue of this blanket – it shall always remind me of the beautiful blue sky summer [...]

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:: we puzzled :: I’m not sure if I mentioned this last year – but last year’s advent calendar was a puzzle I made from 1 inch square blocks (bought as a long stick of one inch and chopped up with the jigsaw) and pictures from a thrifted copy of “The Little Donkey”  (Bootville rules [...]