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Tweet It’s been a bit of a crazy time here in Bootville lately.  My poor old Grandad has had quite the year, suffering a heart attack in January then a stroke in April.  There have been many trips to Brisbane, quite a bit of extended family angst, and many big changes.  Through it all, my [...]

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Tweet Well in my mind’s eye of course! It’s a busy and overflowing mind.  One which races with images, memories and voices, sounds, tastes and smells.  One that holds hundreds of lists.  One that plots out countless plans, dreams and conversations.  One that sometimes gets lost with longing for what I miss, rather than make [...]

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Tweet Oh my goodness … 2014, what a year you are shaping up to be!  Almost four months past and I’ve barely caught my breath.  Now tonight, here I sit in my layers of wool and sheepskin slippers.  The bed is laden with blankets and quilts.  The rain patters outside.  Summer has well and truly [...]

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Tweet A weekend with a little driving adventure is the best weekend of all – well, I think so :-)  But often, during these busy months of school and work and study and placement, it’s all we can do to keep everything running smoothly at home, let alone pack a yummy picnic and set off [...]



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Tweet Some things never change. When the sky is radiant blue, the sun is beating down, and the mercury climbing, I immediately think of the beach. Surely the result of a childhood spent in damp, soggy bathers, my hair crusty with salt, sand between my toes, and my freckled skin sticky with sunscreen. And so [...]

my favourite locals


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Tweet There’s so much life down here on the far south coast.  Wombats trotting doggedly along the road’s edge.  Gently, spiky little echidnas clambering up the storm water guttering – oh my goodness, their legs are SO short, I don’t know how they manage.  Ringtail possums sitting in amongst the toys on the bookshelf in [...]

come for a walk


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Tweet supper has been cooked and shared :: the beautiful summer light still softly dusts the sky :: a salty mist slowly slips in across the bay, laying its folds lightly over mountains, forests and beach :: Come for a walk … a narrow sandy track takes us through a small forest of gums, she-oaks, [...]

on the front porch


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Tweet It’s my favourite spot – Mum’s front porch.  Just a narrow strip, wide enough for a pair of Adirondacks at one end, the old miner’s couch in the middle, two rows of vibrant red geraniums and a couple of potted herbs under the kitchen window.  All carefully positioned to soak up the sun.  Within [...]

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Tweet My favourite spot.  Nestled in amongst the glowing red and honeycombed rocks, the turquoise water tinkling close by.   Cardigan dropped within moments.  Cross stitch on my lap. Sea birds gather.  Small black ones duck and dart amongst the gentle waves.  Every now and then one catches a fish and must frantically throw back [...]

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Tweet This wee “genuine hide” suitcase came from … you guessed it!  Mr. P’s dumpster.  I love vintage suitcases so had been on the lookout for one each week.  It wasn’t until the very last week (yes, I know, ’tis sad, but it does appear that there will be no more dumpsters outside Mr. P’s [...]

wintery scenes


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Tweet Oh it has been so cold here in Melbourne.  The mornings have been exceedingly frosty.  The grass is dusted with white.  My breath fogs my glasses – whilst inside.  The windscreen is hard with ice, demanding that we dawdle in the driveway for a good five minutes, waiting for the heater to turn it [...]

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Tweet   There was quite a to do list.  Run here, then there, back again, do this, do that, all before then.  And yet … … I stopped anyway.  It matched.