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Whatever is hiding amongst the oleander?  Oh! It’s a Wild Thing! Julian’s Wild Thing!  I gave it to him for his 22nd birthday – the first birthday we celebrated together. He had a copy of Where the Wild Things Are when I met him – sitting there amongst the computer programming tomes and science fiction [...]

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~ my mummy coming to visit – with an icebox full of pouring cream! ~ ~ the soda stream – Julian’s Christmas present – adored by the whole family – soda water on tap is just the best ~ ~ following Alicia’s advice to try this technique – and loving it so much we’re on [...]

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~ the little girls discovered the thrill of making their own music ~ ~ Jules celebrated his birthday … with cherry cocktails and a kitchen supper ~ ~ a quilt design was tinkered with, fabrics were foraged from the stash (there’s a newly thrifted lampshade needing dressing), and an ever-so-sweet layer cake arrived ~ ~ [...]

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… and oh what fun we had!  The day bloomed bright and hot and as I stumbled sleepily into the early morning kitchen,  needing to bake and ice the birthday biscuits, the beauty of the world outside my window filled me with such anticipation.  I LOVE birthday parties :-) By the alloted time,  a friendly [...]

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:: an exquisite summer’s day … cerulean blue sky, the prettiest light that fills me with happiness and gratitude that I am right here, right now … driving around collecting last minute supplies and frozen cokes whilst John Mayer & Walt Grace remind me of summer afternoons on Nanny and Grandad’s porch listening to the [...]

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:: Saturday dawned early – there were last minute birthday gifts to paint (which then had their finishing touches embroidered on at 2am the following morning/night!) – good thing teenagers sleep late. :: doors were re-hung by she who is the most adept at wielding the screwdriver, glass was polished and polished and polished and [...]

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That would be Mr. Hayao Miyazaki – the Boot family’s absolutely favourite maker of films – My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Ponyo, just to name a few.  He creates films of such beauty and truth – encouraging his audiences to care for the people around them – no matter who they [...]