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Tweet :: the sofas are crumpled with quilts … speaking of the cold but cosy nights we are having as we move past the winter solstice and once more towards the sun :: so many corners filled with so many projects … a little dabbling in last summer’s crocheted cotton throw, and turning a doily [...]

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Tweet   As usual, once I started thinking about Christmas giving for this year, my head was full of all sorts of wonderful and creative ideas of homemade.  I was going to sew up and print tshirts, make a wooden cutout of a traditional Swedish clock, start and finish quilts, piece and quilt table runners, [...]



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Tweet Such a merry Christmas round here with moments of … :: packing :: :: last minute stitching :: :: receiving :: :: giving :: :: tying :: :: steaming :: :: dancing :: :: cooking :: :: brining :: :: feasting : :: reading and re-reading old and new Christmas favourites :: :: relaxing [...]

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Tweet   I’m sorry I’ve been so silent this December.  It’s this placement thingy – it’s been really hard.  The first two weeks – agonising back.  Now into the last of the second two weeks – streaming hay fever.  All four weeks – relentless insomnia.  I’m so buggered.  And so over it.   Only four [...]

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Tweet This year’s beloved teachers’ gifts – aprons.  First off the rank – Mrs. Chambers.  Had to be done, she’s leaving early.  I bought the fabric weeks ago, but true to form, only started pulling it together this morning.  Sigh.  I never learn. Mrs. Chamber’s is Abby’s Japanese teacher – and such a lovely, lovely [...]

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Tweet My favourite spot.  Nestled in amongst the glowing red and honeycombed rocks, the turquoise water tinkling close by.   Cardigan dropped within moments.  Cross stitch on my lap. Sea birds gather.  Small black ones duck and dart amongst the gentle waves.  Every now and then one catches a fish and must frantically throw back [...]

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Tweet This wee “genuine hide” suitcase came from … you guessed it!  Mr. P’s dumpster.  I love vintage suitcases so had been on the lookout for one each week.  It wasn’t until the very last week (yes, I know, ’tis sad, but it does appear that there will be no more dumpsters outside Mr. P’s [...]

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Tweet Well … this afternoon, Julian, Abby and Sacha headed out to the airport.  I was left standing in the kitchen wondering what to do.  Research for next week’s essay or studying for tomorrow’s philosophy quiz were completely out of the question.  Vacuuming … could be very valuable given the amount of Fu fluff that [...]

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Tweet Still reading, still note taking, still writing, still practicing.  There may not be time for quilts and pottering and furniture and dolls … but there’s always time for bread.  And call me corny, but watching that dough rise never ceases to delight me.  Sprinkling the top of that soft, taut mass with flour then [...]

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Tweet It’s amazing, isn’t it? No matter how much we love, share and savour every moment … no matter how many hours and days are devoted to preparing for it … no matter how many dreams are filled with it … Christmas comes … and then it too passes.  Just like everything else. Presents were [...]

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Tweet : choosing : measuring : slicing : pinning : stitching : folding : delighting : : needle-felting : blanket-stitching : embroidering :  pleasing : : ruffling : appliqueing : not-overlocking : fuming : : cursing : threading : cursing : threading : cursing : crumbling : : zigzagging : ironing : delivering : giving [...]

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Tweet … to the sewing shed … :: stitching & hanging :: With the last stitches made, it’s time to hang our sweet gingerbread from some pretty piping.  And then … onto the piano.  Oh I do so love the blue of this blanket – it shall always remind me of the beautiful blue sky [...]