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Tweet As you may have read here before, my beloved old Grandad was a Postmaster with Australia Post.  He began his career as a teenage telegram boy who, whilst wearing a blue woollen suit, buttoned to the neck with brass buttons in hot, steamy Brisbane, would ride his bicycle up and down Brisbane’s narrow, hilly [...]

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Tweet The great wool tidy has revealed many treasures (as well as plenty for recycling) including this summery watermelon fabric and a pretty blue paisley that looks oh so French.  They’re cotton – and that bubbly sort of fabric – oh, what’s it called?  I can never remember, but have loved it ever since my [...]

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Tweet Oh folks,  I had my last exam today.  Fingers crossed, it was the last exam of my degree!  I can’t tell you what a marvellous thought that is.  I really enjoy research and essay writing – I loathe exams and really struggle to revise.  Don’t know why – just a real psychological block. So, [...]

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Tweet This year’s beloved teachers’ gifts – aprons.  First off the rank – Mrs. Chambers.  Had to be done, she’s leaving early.  I bought the fabric weeks ago, but true to form, only started pulling it together this morning.  Sigh.  I never learn. Mrs. Chamber’s is Abby’s Japanese teacher – and such a lovely, lovely [...]

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Tweet This wee “genuine hide” suitcase came from … you guessed it!  Mr. P’s dumpster.  I love vintage suitcases so had been on the lookout for one each week.  It wasn’t until the very last week (yes, I know, ’tis sad, but it does appear that there will be no more dumpsters outside Mr. P’s [...]

the times that are


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Tweet Oy!  There’s so much busyness around here lately.  Papers written.  Case studies endlessly researched and submitted.  Posters laid out and printed.  Presentations given.  This third year of nursing is full on.  I’m now in Week 8 of 10 intensive weeks of classes.  I’m so looking forward to a break.  There’s a short one coming [...]

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Tweet It’s completely done!  I’m wearing it!  It’s unbelievably cosy and warm.  I daresay it’s the warmest thing I own – that Icelandic yoke with its rich fairisle pattern – like wearing three shawls at once. The body and sleeves of the cardie are knitted in my funny, funny Twilley’s of New Zealand Spin Knitting [...]

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Tweet Each new season doesn’t really become a proper season until there’s the new season’s pyjamas.  This winter’s were a little late.  But – better late than never.  This winter soft, new, flannel pyjama pants seemed even more needed than before – this girl of ours, she just keeps on growing and growing.  The old [...]

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Tweet The sun is shining, full of warmth.  I have on my cheeriest mustard coloured tights and red shoes.  They make me think of this beautiful cardigan by my absolutely favourite knitter and I know I will just have to knit it. Yellow makes me so happy! The Icelandic cardigan is finished, washed and awaiting its steeking [...]

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Tweet These are a pair of culottes.  I made them last Saturday.  Julian and Abby were out for the day.  I had a lovely new pattern and two metres of beautiful, crisp drill.  Exciting stuff for us sewists. Now, it’s been a while since I made anything for myself that needed to fit accurately.  So [...]

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Tweet :: sigh :: I think I may need to put down the crochet hook.  If I’m not careful, every litle thing will wind up with a crochet trim.  I fear I will soon turn into The Chicken Sisters, Laura Numeroff’s fabulous picture book that Abby loved when she was little … omg!  Check out [...]

chopping a cardie


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Tweet … as opposed to knitting a cardie :-) It started with this jumper … I think I inherited it from an aunty … it’s lambswool with a bit of mohair.  Very soft and cosy.  But it was just a little claustrophobic as a jumper and it’s sat, unworn, in my woollens cupboard for the [...]