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Tweet   I’m sorry I’ve been so silent this December.  It’s this placement thingy – it’s been really hard.  The first two weeks – agonising back.  Now into the last of the second two weeks – streaming hay fever.  All four weeks – relentless insomnia.  I’m so buggered.  And so over it.   Only four [...]

catching up


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Tweet   Oh my goodness!  Has it really been two weeks since I stopped by!  Are you still here?!  I was chatting with Mum this morning and she told me to get on over here and write a post, share some photos, and say hi to all the lovely folk who visit block-a-day.  She thinks [...]

the times that are


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Tweet Oy!  There’s so much busyness around here lately.  Papers written.  Case studies endlessly researched and submitted.  Posters laid out and printed.  Presentations given.  This third year of nursing is full on.  I’m now in Week 8 of 10 intensive weeks of classes.  I’m so looking forward to a break.  There’s a short one coming [...]

delia duck


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Tweet This is Delia.  We found her at the op shop.  A bit battered.  Tatty tail feathers that suggest she may have had an unfortunate encounter with a wily ginger critter.  She needed a wee bit of tender love and care. A good sanding.  A rich oiling.  Some sweet clothes for outings.  Ah yes.  Delia [...]

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Tweet edited at midnight to add:  and just like that (clicks the fingers) we lost our first woman prime minister. Abby and I feel quite sad.  Deposed by the greatest spoilt brat of all time. See, yesterday Julian printed out the argyle charts for me from his vest pattern which meant I could start knitting [...]

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Tweet For 12 years now, I’ve been dropping into the Parkdale Apiarists’ supplies for beeswax.  It’s a lovely place, full of mysterious pieces and shiny equipment I would just love to own and use.  There’s something especially captivating about a store that specialises in just one fascinating thing.  That has shelves laden with bespoke tools [...]

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Tweet Yeah, yeah.  You’re sick of hearing about the chessboard.  And I didn’t live up to my promises last week.  I know.  The week kind of wobbled off course.  These things happen. But today!  New week.  New to do list.  Board FINISHED.  Family playing. Good stuff! It only took an hour to move the board [...]

a felt pocket book


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Tweet I love baskets … especially old ones.  Each time I find one by the side of the road, or at the oppie, home it comes.  After a good scrubbing they are usually filled with one of my many “current” projects.  This means there seems to be a perpetual need for extra baskets in Bootville [...]

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Tweet  if you would like to share your ~loveliness found~ moments from this week please leave them in the comments or share a link to your place! ~ a basket filled with beautiful but under-appreciated yarn, bought many years ago, now being knitted into something warming & special for someone very loved ~ ~ dragged [...]

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Tweet  if you would like to share your ~loveliness found~ moments from this week … & I would so love it if you did … please leave them in the comments or share a link to your place! ~ stopping on the way home at each farm gate stall pumpkins & pears – perhaps autumn [...]

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Tweet   :: tidying the mess – part 2 Started today with an early morning clinical prac – how to draw blood.  And practiced successfully on a very clever mannikin.  Not only did she give me satisfying amounts of blood from her cephalic vein but she didn’t even wince. Also learnt how to empty a [...]

a cosy easter table


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Tweet Such a lovely Easter Sunday breakfast.  The sky was still leaden and dark with the occasional misty sprinkle of rain.  But in our kitchen, all was golden and warm and fragrant. I just LOVE setting the Easter table.  I wake up early, turn on the lamps, make a pot of tea, heat the coffee [...]