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Tweet Monday morning … Abby returned to school, Mum and Lucy headed back across the Gippsland to their beachside home, and I had the whole day ahead of me.  It was so bleak and cold – with a heavy hand of dampness to the air – the lovely thing to do would be light the [...]

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Tweet Oh, the perils of playing.  I had such a to-do-list this morning.  Wash the clothes, vacuum the carpet, bake a cake, stew the apples, pin out the next quilt top, work on the fox …  I was even looking forward to it! But then, I caught sight of the little card chair from yesterday [...]

in a sunday kitchen


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Tweet Sunday morning in the kitchen.  At first, the rest of the family sleeps on and it’s just me, a cup of tea, the radio and my dishcloth knitting (I’m working on filling a jar with colourful dishcloths – it’s a very nice way to start the day).  Slowly they join me. Julian brings his [...]

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Tweet This was to be a post about one of the quilt tops I’ve stitched this week.  Alas, the last two days have been so terribly hot, that stitching on both quilts slowed down to a crawl … pressing seams became truly horrible … and neither are quite finished!  Ah well. Thankfully, by 4pm, a [...]

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Tweet   I’m sorry I’ve been so silent this December.  It’s this placement thingy – it’s been really hard.  The first two weeks – agonising back.  Now into the last of the second two weeks – streaming hay fever.  All four weeks – relentless insomnia.  I’m so buggered.  And so over it.   Only four [...]

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Tweet I truly do have so much to share at the moment – there’s been wonderful progress made on some thrifted treasures, several quilts on the go, aprons for Christmas … good stuff.  But tonight, I just want to introduce you to another one of the long losts.  Another William Morris needlepoint via the talented [...]

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Tweet There you go – last week I thought it was the 44th week of this fine year – alas, I was a week behind myself.  So here we are, seven days later and yet an extra week ahead. Never mind, it’s almost the end of the year.  And I have only one exam left. [...]

william’s fox


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Tweet There’s nothing like a few good finishes to get one all riled up and digging even deeper into that bag of almost dones.  And with the monkey looking so luscious on the sofa, I was inspired to trek out to the sewing shed this morning, rain and all, and find my very first needlepoint. [...]

a cushiony update


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Tweet Last Friday was largely spent unpicking.  It never ceases to amaze me how unpicking an item can literally take 3 times longer than the time it took to put together.  Oy! First up, there was the unpicking of Mary Margaret.  I first sewed her up 6 years ago (oh my goodness, just read this [...]

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Tweet Ah the best laid plans and all, huh!  I am in the throes of writing a tutorial on pinwheels and squares within squares.  It was to be all done and dusted by the end of the weekend and posted here for my mum, for any of you dear readers who are interested, and for [...]

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Tweet This is Elizabeth – one of the utterly beautiful patterns from the talented folk at Carriage House Samplings, my favourite cross stitch designers (you’ll have to scroll down quite a way to see her).  She is part of a series called The Girls – and I have all four in various stages of completion. [...]



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Tweet It’s the end of the weekend already … too fast, too fast. Despite the dreadful weather (Spring?  Spring?  No spring ’round here ) we kept ourselves well occupied, with lots of quilting … … moveable / cut the grass / become good friends rabbit hut building … … ah, friendlier already :-) … pattern [...]