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Tweet I have to remind myself to laden the trays and head down to the back garden for meals during spring ’cause come summer, it will be too hot and the sun too strong.  So down we go – for breakfast, second breakfasts, morning tea, elevenses, lunch … yes, we’re descended from hobbits and stick [...]

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Tweet You know what I mean don’t you :-)  And there was definitely the need for a brief break from the regular Bootville schedule.  So we’ve taken the last two days slowly and sweetly with lots of love and family and, today, a little thrifting.  ‘Cause that’s what grown up girls do isn’t it? :-) [...]

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Tweet I truly love doilies. I can imagine having doilies in every room of my house, on every wall.  I think I love them better on the wall.  On tabletops, they just get dusty.  On the wall I can pretend they aren’t.  Maybe I need an old fashioned feather duster and I can dance about [...]

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Tweet Doesn’t that sound dramatic!  It is a bit.  In fact, if I sit still and dwell upon it, it seems overwhelmingly awful! The second week of the school holidays dribbled by in a muddle of wind, dust, clutter, banishment from my sewing machine (as mum finished the quilt we’ve been working on for Sam-to-be), [...]

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Tweet Yup, this was the first thought that muddled through my sleepy head this morning – along with the 5.30am sunshine (no dust, thank goodness!).  It was Amelia’s birthday party, 9 am start, and the present was still 4 flat pieces of fabric.  Oy! Good thing it’s spring.  My internal clock adheres strictly to the [...]

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Tweet Now my little girl vows and declares that never will she be a quilter.  Or an embroiderer.  Or a stitcher of any kind really.  :-)  No, her talent and love lies with drawing and art.  She does tell me, however, that whilst she earns her keep as an artist, she will ensure I keep [...]

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Tweet Our first beach day for the season was so windy … [ this beach is usually as still as a pond - mum, who has been visiting it for 60 years, has never seen waves here! ] It was terribly windy … [ we thought it would be a good day for the kite [...]

with love for sam


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Tweet Sam is my soon to be nephew – he will hopefully be arriving in a few short weeks, all the way away in Vancouver, Canada.  So I have been stitching up a storm, with Mum by my side, for the last few weeks.  Sam will have flannel bunny rugs for every day, we’ve even [...]

the colourful porch


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Tweet We almost forgot our way back inside.  We drifted out this morning, sleepy and cool, ready for the day.  Assuming our positions, I plonked down at one end of the table, beach blanket quilt on my lap, ready to keep quilting 2 inch strips onto the thrifted blanket. Mum slipped down the other end, [...]

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Tweet Yay!  The log cabin cushion is finished.  On the sofa.  Being utterly squashed by Abby.  Good thing the inserts are feather – they plump up so beautifully. However, this lovely cushion is only complete and comfy because Mum finished it for me.  Yep.  By 6.30am I was on the back porch, morning sun twinkly, [...]

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Tweet I am a great devotee of pretty. Yesterday, Carolann and I saw the film “Young Victoria”.  Ahhh … it was utterly, utterly sumptuously beautiful.  The story of Victoria’s accession to the throne and her romance with Albert was entrancing – I must confess to having had a very stereotyped view of Victoria as a [...]

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Tweet There are times when I dream wistfully of snowy days, fields of snowdrops, forests of red and gold … but when September visits, there is no place I would rather be than right here. Oh … early spring in Brisbane is bliss.  The special slant of the warm sun, the gorgeously speckled breeze, the [...]