~ loveliness found ~ 21/52

I’ve missed a few weeks … not that there wasn’t loveliness … I just didn’t seem to have the camera by my side.

today … moments of loveliness from an ordinary week.  If you would like to join in, leave your lovely moments in the comments or a link to your space.

putting it to use pie~ making the most of my mother’s day gift
& the pumpkin season ~

newly arranged

~ gathering fabrics for a new quilt ~

another dolly and his jumpsuit

~ marvelling at her creativity & every increasing skill ~

sun on the desklucy in the sun fu in the sun

~ joining the doggles in their wisdom
on a frost morning, you stick to the sunny spots~


~ tea, tea and more tea
my favourite – Yorkshire Gold ~

crazy cosy

~ some cheery soliders and cosy flannel
for a crazy skirt ~

tree tops

leaf hunting our efforts

~ leaf hunting & naming with a little one
they don’t make waxed paper like they used to
but it was still a marvellous afternoon ~


moon and cloud

~ remembering to look up
– there’s always so much beauty to be spied ~

shetland yarn

~ it arrived!
more beautiful yarn from the Shetland Isles
as requested by the husband, I’m turning my needles to Argyle ~

pecks paste and wool tea and toast~ a strangely delicious lunch & one of my favourites
Peck’s paste on hot, buttery toast
I blame all those Malory Towers books as a child ~

looking into basket what shall I take this time oh fine I'll leave it alone

~ an incredibly friendly and mischievous Raven
who made ourfirst bird watching adventure such a delight
you should have seen him tilting his head sideways to survey the basket contents
cracked us up every time~

vintage binoculars

~ thrifted, vintage, Japanese binoculars
two pairs, not perfect but
allowed us to see like we’ve never seen before ~

pin grass~ tempting country roads & pink grass ~

weekending with the birds

Phillip Island … bird watching … picnicking … drawing …
comic writing … strolling … exploring …
delighting in the notion that when we stop and really look,
there’s so much more there then we’ve ever before realised.

everywhere in twos

cape barren geese – these are the sweeties that drew us here
Abby met them on school camp

cows on hillcows


Kitty Miller Bay
wild surf, jagged rocks, a gentle lagoon, the perfect picnic spot
and cows – don’t forget the cows

bags picnicking soudough and pate

plenty of supplies
drawing books, bird book, binoculars, camera
salami, pate, sourdough and chocolate

our friend the raven

we made a new friend – Raven
he was very fond of us … stayed the whole afternoon
insisted on trying to knit, enjoyed a cup of tea, and was very excited by the tissue box

drawing her story abby's raven storyAbby was smitten
filling page after page,
insisting on calling him crow
because the Japanese word for crow is so cool

checking out the herons

though she was happy to down pencil for binoculars
so as to help her mama work out what the birds on the far rocks were …
“yep … they’re birds”

hooded ploversthere were wee hooded plovers boinging up and down the shoreline,
sooty oyster catchers dipping their toes in the little waves,
& white faced herons strutting across the far out rocks

spur winged lapwing cape barren goose dusky moorhen

spur winged lapwings hanging out with cows,
more pairs of Cape Barren geese everywhere we looked
– have they not the sweetest faces you’ve every seen on a goose,
& gorgeous jewelled chested dusky moorhens.

walking rising up out of the grass

we took a walk through the mangroves of Rhylls Inlet
where wallabies thickened fields
that were used a decade ago to breed the CPGs
who were almost extinct – very successful breeding program

acrobat in the mangroves

we could hear the birds here
but could nary see but one tiny, shimmering Superb Fairy Wren

sun across the inlet

golden water so peacefulAnd then the light grew so rich and beautiful …
before vanishing and leaving us in the dark

Time to go home.


winter warmth

:: A simple recipe for a warm winter’s eve ::

stained glass lamp

light the lamps

slippers and flannel skirt

pull on your fleecy slippers and a cosy flannel skirt


snuggle a soft knitted shawl round your shoulders


share steaming cups of tea

hot water bottles

& whilst brewing tea, make hot water bottles


add a wee glass of muscat – warms the throat so sweetly


then make like the doggles … 


… & burrow into a quilt


if hot water bottles aren’t your thing, make the most of smoochy doggles

knitting& settle down for a very warming, very peaceful start to the weekend
with a basket of knitting

This family recipe has been well tested & guarantees success everytime!

the dreams held in a fireside quilt

chaotic sewing table

Life in Bootville is by no means perfect.  Like most folk, and as I’ve sometimes shared, we struggle in many ways.  Some days – some circumstances – are certainly harder than others.  There are many things we have not yet achieved – home ownership being a glaring one of these.  Some long held hopes will not come to fruition – I’ve made my peace with these.  Others are dreams we hold close, accepting that at this moment we are only in a position to take them carefully from their box, lay them out to admire for a few moments, then gently tuck them back in * whilst we busy ourselves with the more everyday aspects of life.

This is not to say that such “everyday aspects” do not possess their own loveliness.  Oh they do.  Sometimes, when I’m scanning through the archives of block-a-day looking for a particular post or photo, I am struck by just how much loveliness we have created and shared over the last five years.

And I am very mindful, that whilst we Boots might feel that we are not yet living our perfect life, my goodness, we are living an incredibly privileged one.  One that is full of love and happiness, good health and security, opportunity and adventure.   One that should thus be savoured and gratefully experienced one moment at a time – even when it feels a bit awkward or worrying.  You would be amazed of what I’m capable of worrying about – truly, you would!

For me, right now, these feelings of have and have not, of what is here right now and what is missing, of what I dream of and what I must make the most of, are summed up in this quilt top.  It’s been at least four years in the making.  Possibly five.  I started it when I was working at the patchwork store in Brisbane, living with mum.  Standing in the store one quiet afternoon, I realised there was only half a bolt left of this sweet Heather Ross fabric so snatched it all up.  Along with the last of one of my favourite Kaffe Fassett’s – the richest of the millefiores.  After supper that night, I quickly cleared the dining room table so that I could began slicing and stitching.  Imagining a quilt that would rest draped over a rocking chair by the fireside in our soon to come Melbourne life.  I dreamed about it. Pieced a little of it. Photographed it.  Wrote about it.  Then it was tidied away and forgotten.

As you can see, I recently found it.  Tucked away in a box.  As I pulled it out, I ooohed at all that lovely fabric still pristine and uncut.  Then, as I opened the lengths of fabric out, small pieced squares and countless strips of varying widths and lengths drifted to the floor and I remembered what it was – what I had dreamt it would be.

heather ross fabric

stitching it up

I laid the pieces out on the bed and shook my head.  Well here we are in Melbourne.  There’s no fireside and no rocking chair.  Some of what we hoped for when we moved to Melbourne has come to fruition in wonderful ways – especially Abby’s school.  It is more than we could ever have hoped for and so very perfect for her.   Other things haven’t panned out as we thought they would, but there’s time.  Some things have been truly heartbreaking.  But what we’ve had instead has given us opportunities to grow – in wisdom, resilience and love.

Now, there is a finished fireside quilt.  In this our winter without heating (remember we are in Melbourne, not Moscow!) it will be promptly finished and put to very good use in our living room – Abby is so very stingy with the Moomin quilt and Julian declares that the 4 inch floral is his and his alone.

in the basket finished on the sofa squashed centre close up of centre beautiful sun looking down

This rich and glowing quilt, along with so many other treasures we’ve collected, restored and created with an eye to what we dream will come next, will be part of the here and now.  And it will serve to remind me that our dreams will not come bursting out of their box like a Jack-in-the-box on Christmas morning, with a marvellous “ta-da!”.  No.  They will be achieved slowly.  Some pieces will be hard won.  Some carefully chosen.  Some will fall blissfully into place.  Some will keep us awake at night.  Some might be elusive.

And in the meantime, with our dreams there to guide us, we shall make the most of every precious moment we share.

looking towards the door folded on stone ledge hanging on the doorknob

* this is not an original analogy, but an imperfect and much loved remembering of what Mrs. Darling told Wendy when describing Mr. Darling as a hero in the wonderful 2003 version of Peter Pan.