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If you happen to follow my instagram, you may have noticed that I picked up a truly dreadful piece of hard rubbish a couple of weeks back.  I was on my way into university to have documents certified for the final grad interview the next day, when I spied an old 60s (?) desk outside [...]

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Monday morning … Abby returned to school, Mum and Lucy headed back across the Gippsland to their beachside home, and I had the whole day ahead of me.  It was so bleak and cold – with a heavy hand of dampness to the air – the lovely thing to do would be light the lamps, [...]

little and ordinary


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We all know that very few days come with a lovely “Ta-da!” moment, don’t we. Sometimes I feel a distinct sense of disappointment if my day has not delivered the pleasure of a satisfying finish – be it cloth, wood or wool – a sparkle to the bathroom, a line full of washing flapping in [...]

wintery scenes


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Oh it has been so cold here in Melbourne.  The mornings have been exceedingly frosty.  The grass is dusted with white.  My breath fogs my glasses – whilst inside.  The windscreen is hard with ice, demanding that we dawdle in the driveway for a good five minutes, waiting for the heater to turn it to [...]

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That would be me and my mum!  And boy oh boy!  Did we earn this title today! It all started with this very unprepossessing drawer.  We brought it home last night.  It came from a dresser that was lying on its back, in the dark, on the side of the road.  We had to bring [...]

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A little bit of a rearrange is always a good thing.  At least I think so :-)  Julian sometimes disagrees.  He says it’s a girl thing.  But with cold, wintery temperatures here to stay for the next few months at least and us soldiering on with our no-heating winter, a few small changes were in [...]

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There were scraps left over from the 4 inches of floral quilt.  Mostly just the ends from each strip we cut.  Varying widths.  I kept them … you never know.  But late this afternoon, between a lovely, lovely long chat with tea & Abby at the kitchen table and leftovers for supper … in that [...]

wobbly thursday


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… sorry the blog hasn’t been working properly the last few days … wordpress had changed things … & I hadn’t upgraded … Abby worked it out … Julian fixed it … & hopefully all is fine now :-) … I know … it is supposed to be my quiet, much anticipated day.  And nothing awful [...]

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make sure you get to the bottom of this week’s ~loveliness found~ post to check the winner of the May Gibbs giveaway! again, thank you all so much for entering and leaving such lovely comments – I only wish I could send all of you a pillowslip! p.s. & if you would like to share [...]

oh no!


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oh yes!  Shhh!  Julian hasn’t seen it yet.  Well, he might have.  He did walk past it this morning – it was in the boot, he was on his way to work.  But I think he was too preoccupied waving goodbye to me whilst bemoaning the muggy heat.   He didn’t mention it.  Of course [...]

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Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on gratitude last week.  Such moving and thoughtful words – I feel not only encouraged to count my blessings, but to remember that we all approach the world with such unique eyes and hearts. Well … not really :-)  Just *being* on the footpath is not enough [...]

five inches west


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It’s quite extraordinary, but since our kitchen table moved five inches west (this very small re-arrange kicked off the great floor scrub), it has been transformed from a “rather-in-the-way-but-we-tolerate-it-because-we-want-to-eat-in-the-kitchen-and-one-day-when-we-have-our-dream-kitchen-it-will-be-marvellous” table to a “oh-my-this-is-indeed-the-best-spot-in-the-house-to-be” table. Just five inches!  That’s all it took to bring about such a delightful change in how we use our kitchen.  We’ve [...]