the fullness of tuesday

I’m a girl who works best to a deadline.  Provide me with long, endless days of no commitments – nothing to do except exactly as I please – and I am all a dither.  On the rare instances that this happens, I mooch about, lost and lonely, waiting for the rest of my family to come home.  Yep, give me hours on end of “me time” and I usually end up with not much to show for it.

But give me a cut off – must leave the house by 3.25 at the screamingly latest – and I am a flurry of activity.  Such is a Tuesday.  We start early – orchestra rehearsal for the cellist in the family starts at 7.30pm – and by 7.45, I have every minute until school pickup for the little girlies packed full.

Today, it was gloriously sunny and silly hot – a day of energy and promise – and oh I had plans!  Of a line full of washing sparkling in the sun, a quick whip around the shops, fresh summery starts in the kitchen garden, the preparing of food for tonight’s supper (to be put on by Abby before I return home from babysitting) and some more for those suppers when none of us want to cook, podge for the feathered folk, bread that rose like a tall tale, second coffees on the front porch with my very first issue of the delicious Molly Makes (oh my! this magazine is so me, me, me!), and some super quick skirt making in a quirky dachshund fabric that makes me smile and think of my dear little Toph.

Oh I made the most of every second.  There is some sweet chicken scratch that could be stitched whilst collapsed on the sofa, but you know, now, all I can think of is a nice bubbly soak in the tub and an early bed.  A fit ending to a full day.



Oh pretty sky!  You are such a welcome sight :-)

The sunniest spot is mine …

… with my feathery and furry critters close by …

… and a hat, ’cause it’s so darn sunny!

Julian’s bike twirls from the hills hoist in the sunlight, sparkling like a steampunk mobile …

The potato plants have doubled in size and are stretching out their leggy heads to catch more of the light.

Instead of hot tea, there’s lemony water by my feet …

And a tray for my almost-finished-steeking supplies … it’s taking soooo long.  I am repeatdly picking up stitches, adding in MC and then breaking it off, knitting on the wrong side here and then the right side there.  And because I only have one 4.5mm circular needle, there’s a lot of threading and unthreading waste yarn.  It’s one of those games that I’m so unfamiliar with, I’m all thumbs and stops and starts!

But look below … can you spy a finished steek sandwich!  Yep – and there’s no sign of anything falling apart – amazing!

Thank goodness for slow, sunny weekends at home with my family.  They make the long, dreary winter weeks bearable.


Every moment, think steadily to do what thou hast in hand
with perfect and simple dignity,
and feeling of affection, and freedom, and justice;
and to give thyself relief
from all other thoughts.

Marcus Aurelius, Book II, Meditations

So that is what we did today.  After several days of both tumult and peace, I looked at what needed to be done and with my daughter by my side, we did it.

The potatoes were fenced (from the marauding chickens), as was the herb garden (ditto!)

The guinea pig/rabbit enclosure was completely shovelled out, refreshed with sweet smelling straw and the guineas were given a pedicure and bath.

The garden was raked, and raked and raked and then raked some more.  Order was restored, what needed to be put away, was put away.

Seeds were planted … an optimistic start on the spring crop!

The chickens’ coop was also shovelled out and refreshed whilst the chickens danced cheerfully about my feet.

By the time we were done, the winter layers were stripped down and our legs tired.  But oh we were pleased as we surveyed the neatness.  It was achieved simply and with affection.  There too was much relief from all other thoughts.  Marcus knew what he was on about.

The sky darkened, we dragged our weary but cheerful selves indoors to warmth and comfort, a little drawing, a little embroidery, good music, the baking of chocolate chip cookies for tomorrow’s school lunch, and upon Julian’s arrival home, deserved boasting and a torchlit tour of our efforts in the garden followed by several rounds of after dinner “trouble”.

Today was good and I am thankful.



ahhh … a long weekend.  Such bliss.  We are …

:: cooking and eating our way through Hugh’s new cookbook – Veg – though Abby is not sure the recipes could be considered authentic Hugh seeing as he has lost his curly mop!

:: casting loving and longing looks at the two new gorgeous skeins of wool that found their way to Bootville on Friday – Beaverslide for arm warmers and Araucania for socks (red socks to wear with my newly dresdenised skirt!)

:: finishing the first sock and frantically knitting the second so that I may dive into that afore mentioned gorgeous wool

:: counting the emerging spring beans and hoping for magical ones

:: spending the afternoon in the garden with Julian, Abby and the feathered girls, still marvelling at the beautiful eggs they present us with every day, and watching with an amused and careful eye as Fu learns that she may WATCH the chickens, she may FOLLOW the chickens about, she may even SHARE their podge (when they let her – Benny has no qualms standing up to Fu) but she may not TOUCH the chickens – those chickens are OURS not hers.

:: wondering why it is that MY feet turn black when gardening in my old chewed up crocs, whereas Julian’s feet stay clean?

:: turning today’s eggs into pasta – and pondering the pasta drying rack Julian’s finally constructed me after 10 years of whining :-)

Wishing you a lovely weekend with those you love – and plenty of what you love too …