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Tweet There you go – last week I thought it was the 44th week of this fine year – alas, I was a week behind myself.  So here we are, seven days later and yet an extra week ahead. Never mind, it’s almost the end of the year.  And I have only one exam left. [...]

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Tweet ~ soaking the Christmas fruit ~ ~ hanging out the washing when the sun is rich and warm ~  ~ oh the yumminess of spring rhubarb ~  ~ a stack of newly bought cushion inserts, waiting for their pretties ~ ~ after school smoothies with my girl ~ ~ putting these funny hard rubbish [...]

william’s fox


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Tweet There’s nothing like a few good finishes to get one all riled up and digging even deeper into that bag of almost dones.  And with the monkey looking so luscious on the sofa, I was inspired to trek out to the sewing shed this morning, rain and all, and find my very first needlepoint. [...]

a cushiony update


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Tweet Last Friday was largely spent unpicking.  It never ceases to amaze me how unpicking an item can literally take 3 times longer than the time it took to put together.  Oy! First up, there was the unpicking of Mary Margaret.  I first sewed her up 6 years ago (oh my goodness, just read this [...]

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Tweet I finished this quilt (after six or seven years!) a few weeks back.  Indeed it has been gracing our bed ever since.  But there’d not been just the right amount of time or sun to take it outside for showing.  Until this afternoon.  After another morning of dreadful grey (honestly, every cold front produced [...]

catching up


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Tweet   Oh my goodness!  Has it really been two weeks since I stopped by!  Are you still here?!  I was chatting with Mum this morning and she told me to get on over here and write a post, share some photos, and say hi to all the lovely folk who visit block-a-day.  She thinks [...]

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Tweet ‘Twas a busy day today … quilting by sunrise, coffee at my side, frantic left-to-the-last-minute housekeeping, morning tea with a lovely family that spilled into drawing and reading and playing with Sylvanians, more quilting, a wee bit of shopping … By late afternoon, the air was still soft, the promised rain had not arrived, [...]

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Tweet   In amongst the glums of the weekend, there was a bit of dumpster diving and bathroom cheering.  Simple stuff – the kind that requires no money, an adventurous spirit, a bit of elbow grease, and a couple of hours to fuss about. You see, following the recent death of a very elderly neighbour [...]

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Tweet I know I shall be making home – with glee and pleasure –  for the rest of my life.  Every time I pass an unusual gate, pore over the photos in a thoughtfully edited magazine, notice the way a group of colours dance together, realise how the light illuminates a particular corner of my [...]

starting small


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Tweet Ah!  One of the many joys of having my Mum come to stay (I write as I savour the last of tonight’s apple crumble) is having a terribly keen co-conspirator when it comes to hard rubbish.  So, Sunday, we set off to the wilds (read: never before travelled to parts of Melbourne), and perused [...]

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Tweet   Ahhhh the weekend!  Oh boy does it take on a whole new dimension when I’ve just spent the week either starting work in the wee dark hours of the morning or lurching home much closer to midnight than I’m used to. How did we spend those precious weekend hours?  Those that weren’t consumed [...]

wintery scenes


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Tweet Oh it has been so cold here in Melbourne.  The mornings have been exceedingly frosty.  The grass is dusted with white.  My breath fogs my glasses – whilst inside.  The windscreen is hard with ice, demanding that we dawdle in the driveway for a good five minutes, waiting for the heater to turn it [...]