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Tweet Oh my goodness … 2014, what a year you are shaping up to be!  Almost four months past and I’ve barely caught my breath.  Now tonight, here I sit in my layers of wool and sheepskin slippers.  The bed is laden with blankets and quilts.  The rain patters outside.  Summer has well and truly [...]

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Tweet that can be a verb, yes?  Sounds like a strange form of mining.  I’m wracking my brain to see if there’s any analogy between knitting argyle and mining …. no, I’m coming up blank. Nevertheless, that’s what’s going on here in Bootville.  Because there are only 5 days left to argyle before the birthday [...]

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Tweet   joining Ginny’s Yarnalong over at smallthings! This soft, ropey wool was sheared off a sheep from Gunning, NSW who was just this colour.  Her owners sent the wool down to Bendigo – 600km away and in a different state – to be washed, carded and spun.  Then it back it came to Gunning [...]

oh the woolliness


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Tweet I’m home!  I’m back!  Goodness, I have been away a long time.  And there’s so much to share here.  I don’t know … this summer has just escaped from me.  We’ve had many lovely times … and many dreadfully hot days when it is all I can do NOT to indulge in a nice [...]

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Tweet ~ soaking the Christmas fruit ~ ~ hanging out the washing when the sun is rich and warm ~  ~ oh the yumminess of spring rhubarb ~  ~ a stack of newly bought cushion inserts, waiting for their pretties ~ ~ after school smoothies with my girl ~ ~ putting these funny hard rubbish [...]

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Tweet Well!! This afternoon, Abby and I had arranged to go to Caulfield Park after school – afternoon tea first at Uffizi’s (which serves wonderful food and has very quirky and good service if you’re ever looking for a place ’round there) and then across the road to the Goose Lake for a wee photo [...]

catching up


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Tweet   Oh my goodness!  Has it really been two weeks since I stopped by!  Are you still here?!  I was chatting with Mum this morning and she told me to get on over here and write a post, share some photos, and say hi to all the lovely folk who visit block-a-day.  She thinks [...]

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Tweet It’s completely done!  I’m wearing it!  It’s unbelievably cosy and warm.  I daresay it’s the warmest thing I own – that Icelandic yoke with its rich fairisle pattern – like wearing three shawls at once. The body and sleeves of the cardie are knitted in my funny, funny Twilley’s of New Zealand Spin Knitting [...]



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Tweet Oh I did have something very exciting and lovely – to me at least! – to share with you this eve. Alas, after several hours of class (all dedicated to caring for a patient with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – don’t smoke folks!  don’t smoke!  it’s an evil, destructive  toxin that will only ruin [...]

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Tweet The sun is shining, full of warmth.  I have on my cheeriest mustard coloured tights and red shoes.  They make me think of this beautiful cardigan by my absolutely favourite knitter and I know I will just have to knit it. Yellow makes me so happy! The Icelandic cardigan is finished, washed and awaiting its steeking [...]

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Tweet My book satchel is finally finished – man, did its construction give me some grief! – and for the last few days has nicely filled the role of nurse’s bag.  So useful, so roomy, so cheerful on dark cold winter mornings. I know I’d previously suggested it was a bag Katherine would from Brother of [...]

delia duck


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Tweet This is Delia.  We found her at the op shop.  A bit battered.  Tatty tail feathers that suggest she may have had an unfortunate encounter with a wily ginger critter.  She needed a wee bit of tender love and care. A good sanding.  A rich oiling.  Some sweet clothes for outings.  Ah yes.  Delia [...]