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Tweet Well … this afternoon, Julian, Abby and Sacha headed out to the airport.  I was left standing in the kitchen wondering what to do.  Research for next week’s essay or studying for tomorrow’s philosophy quiz were completely out of the question.  Vacuuming … could be very valuable given the amount of Fu fluff that [...]

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Tweet Call me silly, but over these long summer holidays I walk into my kitchen and the busyness of the day is spread out across our table and it just looks so pretty and engaging that I get a little thrill about the loveliness of our days at home together.  There’s our afternoon cup of [...]

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Tweet : choosing : measuring : slicing : pinning : stitching : folding : delighting : : needle-felting : blanket-stitching : embroidering :  pleasing : : ruffling : appliqueing : not-overlocking : fuming : : cursing : threading : cursing : threading : cursing : crumbling : : zigzagging : ironing : delivering : giving [...]

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Tweet … to the sewing shed … :: stitching & hanging :: With the last stitches made, it’s time to hang our sweet gingerbread from some pretty piping.  And then … onto the piano.  Oh I do so love the blue of this blanket – it shall always remind me of the beautiful blue sky [...]

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Tweet :: Saturday dawned early – there were last minute birthday gifts to paint (which then had their finishing touches embroidered on at 2am the following morning/night!) – good thing teenagers sleep late. :: doors were re-hung by she who is the most adept at wielding the screwdriver, glass was polished and polished and polished [...]



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Tweet “today we must do something very special, for it will be a glorious day!’ Snufkin. Doesn’t Snufkin have the loveliest approach to living :-) Oh we do so love the Moomins here at Bootville.  We’ve been hanging out in Moominvalley since Abby was a little girl with first the novels, then the story cd [...]