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… to swing by Bootville, in the mid-afternoon, when school’s out early, the late winter sun is setting the back garden aglow, and the sweet scent of jasmine is wafting across the grass, don’t knock at the front door.  Come down the side, and through the gate – we’re in the garden! kick off your [...]

kitchen day


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My it’s so cold at the moment.  Our breath is frosted even in the kitchen (no! don’t give in! don’t give in! leave the heating off!). But oh it’s so lovely to be home, home, home!  This being day three of my return to a time of quiet and domesticity – and I’m loving it. [...]

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Well … this afternoon, Julian, Abby and Sacha headed out to the airport.  I was left standing in the kitchen wondering what to do.  Research for next week’s essay or studying for tomorrow’s philosophy quiz were completely out of the question.  Vacuuming … could be very valuable given the amount of Fu fluff that is [...]

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Call me silly, but over these long summer holidays I walk into my kitchen and the busyness of the day is spread out across our table and it just looks so pretty and engaging that I get a little thrill about the loveliness of our days at home together.  There’s our afternoon cup of tea [...]

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: choosing : measuring : slicing : pinning : stitching : folding : delighting : : needle-felting : blanket-stitching : embroidering :  pleasing : : ruffling : appliqueing : not-overlocking : fuming : : cursing : threading : cursing : threading : cursing : crumbling : : zigzagging : ironing : delivering : giving : [...]

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… to the sewing shed … :: stitching & hanging :: With the last stitches made, it’s time to hang our sweet gingerbread from some pretty piping.  And then … onto the piano.  Oh I do so love the blue of this blanket – it shall always remind me of the beautiful blue sky summer [...]

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:: Saturday dawned early – there were last minute birthday gifts to paint (which then had their finishing touches embroidered on at 2am the following morning/night!) – good thing teenagers sleep late. :: doors were re-hung by she who is the most adept at wielding the screwdriver, glass was polished and polished and polished and [...]



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“today we must do something very special, for it will be a glorious day!’ Snufkin. Doesn’t Snufkin have the loveliest approach to living :-) Oh we do so love the Moomins here at Bootville.  We’ve been hanging out in Moominvalley since Abby was a little girl with first the novels, then the story cd (read [...]