full up

We so look forward to Saturday & Sunday – long, wonderful days together.  The to-do list is sometimes crazy long …  sometimes there are surprising additions … somehow it all fits in.

9.15am  The Haircut

* could there possibly be someone else who has what I want? * that one! * the pre-snip jitters * she’s still cutting * that tickles! * gorgeousness! *

10.50am Little My’s Funeral

* after a week of green beans, spinach leaves, lots of cuddles and even a lovely warm, sunny day, Little My left us on Friday night * we wrapped her in a pretty teatowel * planted her under the camellia in the front garden * Abby & I gave the eulogy * Emma gave the toast * the girls said the Hail Mary * we asked Mary to keep our Little My happy and watch over the furry sisters whose days are so much quieter now that this busy, noisy, friendly little pig has gone * we will miss her *

11.30am An Introduction to Very Basic Woodwork

they’re off to another anime convention in October * Emma needs a scythe * fancy there being hay that needs cutting at the Melbourne Convention Centre * Jules cut it out of ply * it was taped up for painting * and there was a handle too * they had a ball! *

3.00pm An Amateur’s Attempt at Tiling the Table

* the boy change the pattern * he wanted random * it’s his room so I said he could * I’m very benevolent like that * he applied the glue/adhesive/concretey stuff * I laid the tiles * there were little thingys to put in between each tile to set the perfect space apart * they revealed I’m not very good at maths * there is a wooden edge round 3 sides not 4 * hmmmm … * but we LOVE the effect and now I want to tile the whole house *

6.10pm Embracing HER OWN Machine

* she now has her OWN machine * talk about empowering * apparently she was too scared to use any of mine in case she broke them * she bought her shirt and jacket from the oppies yesterday * she’s vlisifixed the shirt * now she’s reshaping the lapels on the jacket * first, she practiced straight lines on a teatowel * the aura of confidence around her doubled today * beautiful to watch *

Now, I have to head out into the freezing, dark rain.  I promised fresh pasta for tonight’s lasagne.  Hopefully the chickens will have laid another egg sometime during the day. Otherwise it’s packet spaghetti guys!