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Since there’s nary a green finger between us – I’m hoping they’ll grow when we turn our hands to gardening our own land – our best “gardening” is enjoyed in other ways.  With wool, and cotton, and needles, and hooks, and books, and bikes, and tools, and paper, and pencils, and good food, and lovely [...]

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… to swing by Bootville, in the mid-afternoon, when school’s out early, the late winter sun is setting the back garden aglow, and the sweet scent of jasmine is wafting across the grass, don’t knock at the front door.  Come down the side, and through the gate – we’re in the garden! kick off your [...]

kitchen day


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My it’s so cold at the moment.  Our breath is frosted even in the kitchen (no! don’t give in! don’t give in! leave the heating off!). But oh it’s so lovely to be home, home, home!  This being day three of my return to a time of quiet and domesticity – and I’m loving it. [...]

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Dear little Lucy (Mum’s dog, who’s staying with us whilst Mum’s in Brisbane looking after Nanny and Grandad) is very fond of her comforts.  Why sit on just the sofa when you can scrunch up all the quilts and knitting that are on the sofa into a cosy nest that you can burrow yourself into? [...]

in a sunday kitchen


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Sunday morning in the kitchen.  At first, the rest of the family sleeps on and it’s just me, a cup of tea, the radio and my dishcloth knitting (I’m working on filling a jar with colourful dishcloths – it’s a very nice way to start the day).  Slowly they join me. Julian brings his reading [...]

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Saturday was not the day I expected.  Abby unexpectedly visited the city with her friend.  Julian unexpectedly spent all day asleep. Frankly, I was at a bit of a loss.  There was so much that could be done – a kitchen table to clear of wool, the last of the Christmas decorations to put away [...]

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There you go – last week I thought it was the 44th week of this fine year – alas, I was a week behind myself.  So here we are, seven days later and yet an extra week ahead. Never mind, it’s almost the end of the year.  And I have only one exam left.  Ooooh [...]

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~ soaking the Christmas fruit ~ ~ hanging out the washing when the sun is rich and warm ~  ~ oh the yumminess of spring rhubarb ~  ~ a stack of newly bought cushion inserts, waiting for their pretties ~ ~ after school smoothies with my girl ~ ~ putting these funny hard rubbish cushions [...]

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I finished this quilt (after six or seven years!) a few weeks back.  Indeed it has been gracing our bed ever since.  But there’d not been just the right amount of time or sun to take it outside for showing.  Until this afternoon.  After another morning of dreadful grey (honestly, every cold front produced in [...]



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It’s the end of the weekend already … too fast, too fast. Despite the dreadful weather (Spring?  Spring?  No spring ’round here ) we kept ourselves well occupied, with lots of quilting … … moveable / cut the grass / become good friends rabbit hut building … … ah, friendlier already :-) … pattern playing [...]

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Here we are.  Saturday morning.  There is the smallest sliver of sun trying to pierce the heavy grey clouds that blanket this end of winter sky.  My fingers are crossed.  Grey, grey days dampen my spirits somewhat. Julian is away again.  His dad is dying … last stages of cancer.  Julian is spending the weekend [...]

wintery scenes


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Oh it has been so cold here in Melbourne.  The mornings have been exceedingly frosty.  The grass is dusted with white.  My breath fogs my glasses – whilst inside.  The windscreen is hard with ice, demanding that we dawdle in the driveway for a good five minutes, waiting for the heater to turn it to [...]