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The hanks of seaweed from Thursday’s bathtub dried into a fibre that looked amazingly like wool.  On to the swift they went! Then the wool winder … and to the scales – 148 grams of lily spun merino. Without any real idea of how far this yarn would go, needles (5.5mm) and pattern (started here, [...]

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As corny as it sounds, I found myself exclaiming to Julian – upon his arrival home from work to find a Romney/Corriedale fleece spread out across the kitchen table and no sign of supper – how lucky we are as humans that the planet provided us with these extraordinarily wonderful animals and that we were [...]

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The kitchen just seems to be where we are this week.  On these last few mornings of the summer holidays, I’ve loved sitting in this happy room, with yarn, fleece, the teapot and Radio National by my side whilst waiting for the girlie to wake up. And this being the New Year and all, there [...]

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That’s the best collective noun I could come up with … a delight of alpacas.  Oh my!  We are all on such a high after a truly splendid day at Pitchingga Ridge Alpaca Farm with the lovely Jean and Dave Daddo. We packed a picnic, collected Sammy – a take-along friend for Abby, and drove [...]



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Oh it is so very relaxing.  And utterly addictive.  The key to spinned out bliss .. prepare a good many rolags in advance and then just set that wheel a-flying whilst you draw and twist a seemingly never ending supply of beautiful fleece. I bought this fleece – a hand dyed Corriedale – from a [...]