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The great wool tidy has revealed many treasures (as well as plenty for recycling) including this summery watermelon fabric and a pretty blue paisley that looks oh so French.  They’re cotton – and that bubbly sort of fabric – oh, what’s it called?  I can never remember, but have loved it ever since my Mum [...]

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When the afternoon wind picks up across the bay, we retreat from the front porch to the courtyard.  A warm and golden nook, rich in whimsy, colour and fragrance.  A lovely spot for wiling away an afternoon.  Mum climbed chairs and draped fabric.  I searched through a tattered paper bag of yarn – filled with [...]

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oh hello!  fell off the blogosphere for a week or so – must have been the school holidays – we were having too much fun :-) – there’s some lovely adventures to share and it’s sure nice to be back! It’s a funny-peculiar time of year.  The deciduous trees are looking glorious – honestly, today [...]

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[ please note, this tutorial (instructions and pattern) is for personal use only, thankyou ] :: Setting :: A little sewing shed, tucked away among the trees in a Melbourne back garden.  It is a spring weekend.  However, the weather has turned blustery and bleak.  Golden light spills from the open sewing shed door.  Inside [...]

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In which Miss Lily puts those dangly bits away and claps her hands with glee – you can never have too much bunting! Okay – I know this Christmas folly has gone on and on a bit – I was always the student who could never keep to the word limit :-) – but this [...]

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In which Miss Lily stitches binding, folds binding, irons binding, and then finally, attaches the binding to the triangles. Okay – the binding.  I make my bunting in approximately 2.2 metre lengths – this is two widths of a standard piece of fabric.  So I cut two 2 1/2 inch widths, trim off the selvedges [...]

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In which Miss Lily matches points, zigzags edges and performs delicate manoeuveres with dangly bits of thread. Match up your triangles – one individual piece with one backing piece.  (As you might notice above, I had to use 2 backing fabrics for this batch of bunting as I didn’t have enough of either to make [...]

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A Christmas Folly in 4 Acts by Lily Boot Act 1 In which Miss Lily chooses fabric, draws lines and cuts triangles. Gather your fabric – I like four individual pieces and a fifth which will be the backing of each of the four. This way you can alternate the triangles, creating a pretty repeating [...]

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Having discovered how much fun it is to write and photograph a tutorial, here’s another one – The Making your Geese Fly Tutorial! Now obviously, this isn’t even remotely an original technique (check here for basic instructions).  But I only learnt of its existence a short time ago myself – thankyou Mistress Amy. Nevertheless, adopting [...]

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Last year, whilst working at the job from hell, I was plonking down that hard-earned cash for regular shipments of fabric from the FatQuarterShop – and rarely had the time to put any of it to good use. As I’ve noticed when I look around my sewing room, I’m rather fond of blue, so when [...]